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About MangaPlaza
What is MangaPlaza?
Is MangaPlaza free?
Do you need a subscription to use MangaPlaza?
What are the system requirements for using MangaPlaza?
How many devices can I use to simultaneously log in to MangaPlaza?
Account Registration & Login
How do I register for an account?
I am unable to register for an account. What should I do?
Please explain to me about logging in using a social media account?
I can't log in using my social media account.
I would like to log in using my email address instead of my social media account ID.
Can I combine multiple accounts?
What characters are acceptable for passwords?
How do I change my password? / I forgot my password.
I did not receive my password reset email.
How do I delete my account?
I forgot my email address.
I can't log in using my email address and password.
I pre-registered on the MangaPlaza beta site between Jan. 24 and Feb. 28, but after the MangaPlaza official site launched on Mar. 1, I haven't been able to log in.
What payment methods are accepted?
How do I add/change payment methods?
Can I make purchases on MangaPlaza even if I don't have a PayPal account?
I can't complete my purchase. / An error message appears when I try to complete my purchase.
I moved and would like to change my ZIP code.
My credit card information could not be registered.
Premium Membership
Please tell me about the MangaPlaza Premium membership.
How much is MangaPlaza's Premium membership fee?
Please tell me about the Premium membership free trial.
Which titles/chapters are included in the Premium membership?
Why are some titles/chapters not included in the Premium membership?
How do I cancel my Premium membership?
When will I be billed for my Premium membership?
If I cancel my Premium membership in the middle of a month, how much will I have to pay?
I want to check when my next Premium membership billing date is.
I want to check when my Premium membership free trial period's expiration date is.
Why is my Premium membership free trial period not in effect?
I forgot to cancel my Premium membership and I got charged for another month. Can I be refunded?
How often will titles/chapters be added to the Premium membership?
Is MangaPlaza's entire library included in the Premium membership?
Why should I purchase chapters already included in the Premium membership?
Is it possible to withdraw a membership cancellation?
What are points?
How can I earn points?
Do points have an expiration date?
How do I use my points?
How do I check the amount of points I have?
I've canceled my Premium membership! What happens to my points?
What happens to my points if I delete my MangaPlaza account?
I have a Premium membership and I made a purchase using points. Will I receive a 10% point reward?
Why are my points gone?
Can I gift points to a friend?
Why aren't my points showing?
I accidentally used points for a purchase. Can I get my points refunded?
Using the Website
How do I check/change my account information?
How do I check my History?
How do I check my Favorites?
How do I check my purchase history?
I want to delete an item from my History/Favorites.
I accidentally purchased an item. Can I be refunded?
Is it possible to purchase multiple items at once?
The manga viewer is not displaying properly.
Can I read manga in languages other than English?
What is SafeSearch?
How do I report inappropriate content?
How do I find out about new releases, promotions, etc.?
Can I request specific titles to be added to MangaPlaza?
I want to delete a comment I posted.
I found a malicious or inappropriate comment.
I want to recommend the manga I read to others.
What's in the MangaPlaza newsletter and how do I subscribe?
How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Can I download manga that I purchased onto my device?
Can I read manga offline?
Can I get refunded for works that are no longer available?
Do you offer any discount coupons or sales?
Can I access MangaPlaza outside of the United States? / If I move to another region, will I still be able to access MangaPlaza?
Is there an app for MangaPlaza?
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