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Staff Recommendation

Sunny “Mr. Right” x Gloomy Guy Secretly into Wearing Bras = Sexy Office Romance

Dull and dreary Haruta has a hard time dealing with Hibiki, his cheery, high-spirited colleague in the sales department. Haruta has always tried to steer clear of Hibiki, but after a night of drinking with coworkers, Haruta gets black-out drunk... and wakes up at Hibiki’s place! On top of that, Hibiki finds out that Haruta wears men’s lingerie to protect his sensitive nipples…?! The contrast of the cute lingerie on a masculine body is a unique brand of sexy that will have you captivated before you know it! Of course Haruta wears your typical everyday lingerie most of the time, but he also gets a pair from Hibiki that comes with a “toy” ...
There are a ton of scenes where Hibiki teases Haruta’s nipples, or teases him with toys, so if you’re into that, this one is right up your alley! It isn’t only filled with nipple-kink fun, though; there are lots of classic office romance beats as Haruta slowly comes to love Hibiki, who shows his clumsy side despite being a “perfect guy” on the surface, so it’s also a great option for anyone in search of some good old-fashioned BL!

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