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Staff Recommendation

Businessman Masashi is home playing his erotic games as he always does. But suddenly, a man adorned with horns and a tail, Prince Suquarthur, comes out of his computer screen! It seems the prince must overcome a certain trial: if he lays with a man from another world, then his country will be saved…?
Prince Suquarthur came to seduce Masashi for the sake of his country, but he’s actually the shy one here. Watching him melt and writhe in pleasure as Masashi gently guides him through his first time will totally make you a fan♪
Afterwards, the goddess of his world makes the two of them companions for life (aka married)! Suquarthur goes through various trials and tribulations in his quest to be a good “wife” to human Masashi, like wearing an apron (with nothing underneath!) and even removing the symbols of his royal pride: his horns and tail. It’s a must-see!
The big highlight of this story is that the more physical they are with one another, the more honest, bold, and sexy they become! The gap between the prince trying to navigate daily life and the explosion of pheromone-fueled sex is sure to have your heart racing non-stop! Don’t miss this story about the married life of a businessman and a prince from another world♪

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