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Must-Read Titles!

He's a loyal pooch with a charmingly smart mouth and she's a strong independent woman who craves love

  • My Pet Is a Yakuza
    "Starting today, I am your pet" says the yakuza who forced his way into my house...!? I don't care if he says he'll answer to my every order, he's just a bother...!
My Pet Is a Yakuza

How is it that he knows my body inside and out?!

  • It's Because You Keep Doing xx


    "You act like this is our first time together." We had only just met when my neighbor Kamiya said that to me... - Shii Hayama, 27 years old, is an office worker at an advertisement company. With the intense workload she has, taking the last train home late at night is just part of her routine. One such night, a man she doesn't know wakes Shii up after she drifted asleep on the train. She later discovers that this man was her new neighbor, Azusa Kamiya. Even though they've just met, how is it that he knows her body inside and out?! This Kamiya guy is hiding an astonishing secret...!

"Here's to enjoying the second stage of my life!"

  • Since When Do Guys Find Divorcees Attractive?


    "Here's to enjoying the second stage of my life!" Kazuha Ono is now a 35-year-old divorcee after ending things with her cheating husband. She works up the courage to declare, "I am officially divorced!" at her workplace, the editorial department of a fashion magazine, and much to her dismay the handsome new employee happens to be there at the same time. She thought it would make things awkward between them, but it seems like for some reason it's drawn him in closer?!

A collection of intensely gripping tales about the line between love and hate

  • Love and Hell
    "Did you know? Even I get a turn to make my move." Temp worker Rino Amano, 27 years old, used to have a lover. His name was Haruo Higashiyama and he worked full-time at the same company as the manager of the planning department. He was 32 years old, married, and had a two-year-old daughter. While 99% of her knew that this was an unforgivable love that would never amount to anything, the other 1% was clutching her phone, spending her days waiting for him to reach out. One day he suddenly demands to break it off, throwing the feelings she had for him in the trash. This devastating blow leaves Rino distraught. Even at work she is unable to suppress her feelings, and she searches for an empty room to hide her tears. In doing so she catches Haruo secretly making out with another coworker much younger than herself. At that moment something inside her breaks and awakens something inside.

"I just wanted you to understand."

An ordinary girl's gradual discovery of love…

  • This Boy in Class
    Tsubaki Imai is the kind of quiet girl you'd never see in the center of attention. She doesn't really know how to talk to the cool kids at school like the loud boys and the bubbly girls,so she isn't exactly thrilled when she's assigned the seat next to Mamoru's,a big,unfriendly,and kind of scary guy who everyone at school seems to know. But,then,they both become class presidents,and as they start talking... This is a story about an ordinary girl who falls gradually in love...

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