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Do you like pure and cute manga romances?
Can't decide what to read next?
MangaPlaza Has You Covered!

A sweet and tender romance
between a self-conscious female farmer and a male office worker from the big city!

  • Sweeter Than It Looks-ScrollToons


    Picture this... A farmer in the countryside with a height of around 5'9". Most guys who hear this are already running for the hills. Not to mention, having no love experience at 28... Still, I don't regret the choices I've made since there's nothing more important to me than this tangerine orchard my grandpa left me... Is what I thought until I met Sakuma who protects me, stands up for me, holds me when I'm down, and actually treats me like a girl. I'm not used to being treated like this, so I don't know how I should react, but his endless kindness is so sweet that I'm beginning to...
Sweeter Than It Looks-ScrollToons

MangaPlaza Staff Shares:

It's been so long since I've read such a sweet and endearing romance, so I highly recommend this one!

The main character, Koharu, lives alone in the countryside taking care of the tangerine farm her grandpa left her. She's 5'9" and her height's made dating difficult, so she has little to no experience in love even at 28. Though her friends have already gotten married and have families of their own already, she claims she has no regrets about her current situation.

Personality-wise, she's a very cool and hard-working person who's good at taking care of others but is insecure about her chosen profession and how much taller she is than other people.

One day while on the job, she discovers a man passed out on the ground and carries him to her house to help him out. When the man gains consciousness, she discovers that he's taller than her and even treats Koharu like a normal, everyday girl. It's incredibly adorable seeing her flustered by the way he treats her!♡

How will their relationship develop?! Why did he come to the countryside?? I'm itching to find out! Make sure you give it a read too, okay? : )

  • Cinderella In Plastic


    Have you ever cried while looking in the mirror...? "With this face, if I talked about fashion or went out to buy cosmetics, I'd be a total joke." Living with such thoughts, pitifully ugly office worker Tachibana Rin passed the days miserable and taunted by fate since she shares a first name with the most beautiful woman at her company, Kaizuka Rin. But that's just how it had to be. After all, for ugly girls, life's over before it begins... Then one day, Rin wins 11,910,000 yen in the lottery!! "Life's over for ugly girls, but for me this is just the beginning."
Cinderella In Plastic
  • Plus-sized Misadventures in Love!


    "This is the punishment for a fat, ugly girl like me falling in love with someone as beautiful as you..." Yumeko had a mountain of complexes about herself. Then, a terrible accident befalls her. Though somehow saved from the brink of death, Yumeko wakes up a completely different person. "This! I'm SO cute!!" Those around her can't hide their surprise and wonderment at this 180°change... But, Yumeko's new hyper-positive attitude starts to change her surroundings, too. Worries and complexes can affect anyone, and Yumeko will chop right through those of her various supporting characters!! In love, work, friendship... And an attempted murder case?! This frenzied romantic comedy will leave you bubbling with energy!
Plus-sized Misadventures in Love!
  • Make It An Eternity


    After losing her parents and being bullied in middle school, Towako retreated into a reclusive life of reading books and writing amateur fiction, with her older brother supporting them both. But one day, a trio of handsome nightclub hosts -- her brother's new coworkers -- suddenly barge into her house, and into her life! Whether it's running into one of them naked, or being on the receiving end of a sudden embrace... Towako's days of quiet solitude may be over for good?!
Make It An Eternity

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