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Biggest Hits of 2022


Drumroll, please!
The top 3 manga everyone's been reading are...

  • Misadventures in First Love_ScrollToons


    Sana's first boyfriend, Yamato, was not exactly the looker, but he was kind. And that's what Sana loved about him. So when he suddenly dumps her without warning, her heart is left completely shattered. Having lost faith in the world, Sana vows to leave her past self behind, and transforms... into a full-on delinquent!3 years later, when Sana had all but forgotten how it feels to love, two guys unexpectedly appear in her life. Koichi, the student council president and school celebrity. And... Sana's ex, Yamato?! Sana barely recognizes her ex, who has undergone a complete transformation of his own, becoming a heartthrob teenage actor! With conflicted memories and emotions on the rise, where will our protagonist's innocent heart take her?
  • Makeup with Mud


    You're great just the way you are. Even though Miku is 25 years old, she hasn't learned a thing about how to do her own makeup -- but her boyfriend, Haru, tells her that he prefers her that way. Miku and Haru live together, after all, and they might get married, in which case she'll just quit her job anyway, so it's probably fine never to learn... At least, that's what she tells herself. One day, a boy with a special love for makeup suddenly appears in her life. The beautiful stranger does Miku up gorgeously and Haru's reaction to her new look is almost unbelievable--? A story of starting anew and taking one's life back through makeup!
  • The Managing Director's Ingeniously Sweet Plan


    Rena has been single her entire life. By day, she's a member of the general affairs department of a large corporation. By night, she's a bar hostess. One day, when Rena's having lunch with her friend Kyoko at work, Kyoko's brother and managing director, Shun decides to sit with them. Shun's popularity with the ladies at work is no surprise. He's the ideal gentleman, and his kind, charming personality even makes Rena begin to fall for him. But that evening, Rena's stunned to see that same man visit her bar. He even aggressively flirts with her, not realizing who she is. Talk about a 180! Realizing it's only a matter of time before she gets found out and loses her job, she resigns herself to her fate, downing glass after glass. When she wakes up the next morning, the first thing she sees is an undressed Shun sleeping beside her!

Rounding out the top 10,
it's no surprise you've all loved these titles, too.


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