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Our Favs Translated by US for YOU♪

How can I fall even deeper in life?

  • Pitfall


    Only on MangaPlaza Romance
    "My life has totally fallen apart..." Haruko was 29, with both her 30s and a blissful marriage right on the horizon, when her fiance dropped a bomb that tore that happiness to shreds. Her friends and family do their best to cheer her up afterward, but she just can't shake the suffocating feeling that plagues her days. If only, she wishes, there were someplace where it would be easier to breathe... And that's when her old classmate Asano invites her to come join him in bustling big-city Tokyo! She went from the top of the world to rock bottom so fast, she didn't even see the precipice she'd been standing on, but now Haruko is taking the reins and starting over from square one!!

Is it time for me to pay the price?

  • I Love You Just a Little Bit


    Only on MangaPlaza Romance 18+
    "I'm sure I'll have to pay for this one day." When Mitsu was a junior high school student, a fortuneteller told her, "You should marry the person you love the second most." Now all grown up, she works at a clinic. One fateful night she runs into her first love, Arishima, and they start having an intimate relationship. But Mitsu is already married to a man who is a wonderful and kind husband?! Mitsu and her husband, Arishima and his wife. Four point of views, two married lives, only one way this can end... right?
I Love You Just a Little Bit

I want to see him again...

  • Not That I Can Say This Out Loud


    Only on MangaPlaza Drama
    "Is it wrong for a mother to seek fulfillment as a woman, as well?" Miki Nagase (39) lives in relative happiness with her husband Toru (41) and daughter Michiru (13). And yet, she carries a deep sense of emptiness within her heart; her relationship with her husband has devolved into that of a roommate, leaving her feeling undesired as a woman and as if she is only defined by her role as a "mom." Unable to hold it in any longer, she confides in her drinking buddy, Sae Ikejiri (45). Her friend understands the struggle of being unable to share her feelings out loud and suggests she try using an escort service. Miki is thunderstruck by the suggestion but is in for an even bigger surprise after a handsome escort suddenly appears...?!
Not That I Can Say This Out Loud

Check for the Premium icons on each title page!

  • Get to Work, Sleep Demon!


    Only on MangaPlaza
    "Humans in this country don't take sleep seriously enough." This is a story about work -- that is, an office worker in her late twenties and her sleep demon, whose job it is to get her to sleep! Yoko is a hard worker, that's for sure. She's missed her last train home yet again and feels herself losing the battle to sleep in the bathroom. That's when she senses a shadow over her shoulder. She turns around only to find -- a sleep demon?! "Oh. You can see me." says Nero, a regular old office worker at Sleep Demons Incorporated in the Underworld. His monthly salary comes from getting humans go to sleep, and from today, he's in charge of Yoko. Thus begins Yoko and Nero's daily quest to improve her quality of sleep -- for both of their sakes!
  • Strange Happenings at Nekomachi Shopping District


    Only on MangaPlaza
    At a particular shopping district located in an old Tokyo neighborhood, humans and cats seem to live together in peace. But these cats aren't your ordinary felines! They are spirits, whose human forms allow them to go about their days undetected amongst the other locals. And the truth is, this neighborhood attracts some rather unique problems because of its residents. Chisato, a shop owner and the only human aware of the cat spirits' presence, and Kotora, a young cat spirit band together in attempt to solve the various predicaments they encounter. But will luck be on their side?

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