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great romance titles!

A cross-class Taisho era romance: love between a working woman and a young noble.

"I wish I could marry you right now."

  • How To Marry Up In The Taisho Era -When the Rich Young Man Won't Take No for an Answer-
    It's the 1900s, during the Taisho Era, and Ranko Hanamiya is 24 and working as a server at the posh cafe, Cassiopeia. Her parents tell her they're ashamed of having an unwed daughter, but Ranko herself couldn't care less about it. Then, one day, a ravishing college student she's never met before gives her a present while she's working. Her coworkers are ecstatic, but the rational Ranko doesn't know what to make of it. At home, she's met with another surprise. Apparently, someone from the Chonabashi family wants to marry Ranko! It seems as though their grandfathers made a pact to have their grandchildren marry each other one day. Ranko declines, as she enjoys working and isn't interested in marriage, but her parents won't have it. She rather unwillingly goes to the Chonabashi residence to please her parents and protect their egos. When she gets there, who does she see but Yoichiro, the unfriendly young man who gave her that present at the cafe!
How To Marry Up In The Taisho Era -When the Rich Young Man Won't Take No for an Answer-

These romance titles are a must-read♪

  • Destined: The Fey Priestess Becomes the Bride of Suzaku
    In the snowy village of Rokka, the members of the Suzaku imperial family are revered as the descendants of Suzaku, the fire deity himself. Marrying the head of the Suzaku considered the greatest of honors.

    Ginka Sakaeda comes from a line of shrine maidens. Her parents had hopes that she would marry into the Suzaku family one day. However, when she came into the world "deformed," they deemed her unworthy as the future Bride of Suzaku, and began treating her with hostility. Her younger sister Akane, however, was born with excellent grace and beauty, earning her the favor of the entire village and securing her position as the top candidate to marry into the Suzaku family. Then, on the eve of the ceremony that would decide Akane's future, Ginka has an unexpected encounter with the Suzaku family head. And the moment their hands touch...the two feel a warm sensation instantly course throughout their bodies!
  • <Chapter release>The 31st Consort
    Felia, a country girl born to a not-wealthy lord, was chosen as the King's consort. Her family specializes in farming medical herbs, and she enjoyed working in the fields...but now she must join the competition to be the King's wife.
    And Felia was the "31st" consort, which means that the King will come to see her only on the 31st of the month. No one thought she will be chosen, even Felia herself.
    But she didn't care and started growing vegetables and herbs at her manor!
    The King becomes attracted to this unique, strong girl before he knows...
  • A Taisho Newlywed Romance ~ The Captain Wants to Shower His Naive Wife with His Love~
    An illegitimate daughter lies about her identity to marry a captain in a strategic marriage, but she's doted on and showered in his love...

    "I'm upset because your wet hair is so captivating."
    It is the Taisho era and Kaede, who was treated as a maid even though she comes from a good family, is married off to Yukisada, a military captain from a noble family, to save her family's business. However, she must lie about her identity to marry him as a "proper" young lady. Her true identity must absolutely not be revealed.
    Her married life begins with secrets. Although she feels guilty, Kaede begins to fall for Yukisada, who dotes on her and is overprotective.
  • How I Married Into the Togo Clan
    Most people in this world are blessed at birth and receive their "Calling" when they come of age. Those who never receive their gift are known as the "Cursed Ones." When Fumi Matsukata turns ten without receiving her Calling, she's about to be abandoned by her family. Instead, however, they decide to keep her around as their servant.

    Fumi's younger brother, Itsuki, on the other hand, is born with a powerful Calling, which he uses to torment Fumi incessantly. One day, the Matsukatas receive a proposal of marriage from the prestigious Togo Clan, a long line of clairvoyants. They assumed that the clan's eldest daughter wished to marry their talented son. So how will they react when they find out that the heir Seiji wishes to come take Fumi for his own?! In a world where those without a divine gift are scorned, a girl who's been taught that she's worthless suddenly becomes the wife of a formidable heir. Now that she's escaped her horrible family's clutches, will she find happiness? Will she find love?
  • The Obsessed Mage and His Beloved Statue Bride: She Cannot Resist His Seductive Voice
    Lala Pradley, a national mage is tasked with the elimination of a low level demon that has appeared. She heads out on the mission with her student, a young boy by the name of Alistea who hopes to marry her. However, the "demon" turns out to be a dragon, one of the most dangerous creatures to exist! While helping to ensure her student can escape, Lala realizes she herself cannot get away. Cornered by a dragon, she uses a special spell to ensure her safety... but at what cost?! "You are mine now, and I will never let you get away."A time slip leaves the two in a new, exciting situation!

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