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Only on MangaPlaza Shodensha Binge-Read Bonanza Round One

Deal lasts from
June 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM - June 29, 2024 at 11:59 PM (PST)

These MangaPlaza-exclusive Shodensha titles are now Free to Read IN FULL for a limited time!
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A struggling author and a pop idol who up and vanished… Where will their love take them?

  • For You, My Ghost


    Yosuke Sakura, a novelist who can't seem to find an audience under his own name, makes a living from the shadows as a ghostwriter. Then out of the blue, he receives a request to ghostwrite the memoirs of the vanished pop idol Haruka Masaki. Sakura gets cold feet when he hears that Masaki requested him personally, wondering what she would want with someone like him. But while he's thrown for a loop by her uninhibited personality, the distance between them gradually shrinks. However, once the interviews start, the reason Masaki gives for her disappearance paints a portrait of the entertainment business that is darkness itself...?!
For You, My Ghost

I ran into the man who broke my heart while working as a part-time nude model?!

  • We Meet Again: A Second Chance at Love


    Sayaka Narimiya is 28 year-old, single, and works at an advertisement agency. But as luck would have it, she's been fired from her job. As an in-between, she picks up a nude modeling part-time job. While naked in front of the student artists, none other than Renji Hasumi, Sayaka's high school heartbreaker appears---. Completely flustered upon learning of Hasumi's position as associate professor, Sayaka somehow manages to finish the job and head home. It is then when Hasumi stops Sayaka for what is to be a reunion? Or maybe something else?
We Meet Again: A Second Chance at Love

Check out these romance and drama titles too!

#Only on MangaPlaza

  • Seeing Through the Human Heart


    Love is nothing to be afraid of. All you need is to act on instinct, just as animals do. For they... can sense matters of the human heart. A collection of stories depicting relationships between people and the animals around them. An office worker who can't seem to be honest with her feelings, and a stray kitty she picks up. A hairstylist-in-training who's in love and the salon's mascots, a pair of parrots. A young woman who tends to overthink and the tropical fish at a bar, fluttering ever gracefully in their tank. As humans, we have so much on our plate, having to constantly find a balance between relationships, work and self-improvement. That is why some envy the freedom that animals possess. Delve into these short stories. Let the curious critters quell your worries, soothe your soul, and perhaps do much more. I beseech you, human! It is time to discover your own freedom!
  • Strawberry Canyon


    Achieve your dreams and find love...through bouldering!Miyo, a first-year in high school, has been bouldering since she was little with her friends, Keita and Tetsu at their local gym in Utsunomiya. But recently, Keita's found a girlfriend. Miyo thought the three of them would always stay climbing buddies, but their relationship slowly begins to change. An empowering story following three high school students and the obstacles they must face and overcome in the world of bouldering, and in love.
  • Shimizu Is Just a Tad Two-Faced


    Awkward high school student Koharu Minami is in love with Shimizu, the popular boy in her class. So she's shocked when she inadvertently discovers that his friendly demeanor is all an act. Or is it? The more time they spend time together, the more Koharu notices the kindness hidden behind the constant teasing and disgruntled comments. Could finding out about "the real Shimizu" actually end up bringing the two closer together?!

*Promotion is subject to change without prior notice.

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