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So begins the story of the sweetest and deadliest couple in the world!

  • Assassin & Cinderella
    Neneko is a spy with a mission: to uncover the secrets of an assassin from a rival organization. Sadly, she blows her cover. But, just when she thinks she's about to be killed, the assassin proposes to her instead?! Caught within his lethal embrace, her heart slowly begins to melt...
    And so begins the story of the sweetest and deadliest couple in the world!

Looking for a suitor, she lands the Crown Prince?! A noble lady struggles with missed chances in this romantic comedy!

  • Always a Catch
    From a very young age, people noticed that Maria, the youngest daughter of a duke, was filled with potential. She was raised as the heiress of her house, until the birth of her baby brother relieves her of her duties. She scrambles to find a husband, but all the eligible bachelors in her duchy are taken! At this rate, she's doomed to the life of a spinster! Maria decides to study abroad in Rubini in hopes of finding a husband, with the help of her distant relative, Aida. But in a twist of fate, the Crown Prince breaks of his engagement with Maria, even though they've never met before! "Huh?! I don't remember getting engaged!?" Enjoy this fluffy romcom with an unconventional and spunky Lady!

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