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Stories About Struggling Marriages. Collect Your Point Reward!

Deal lasts from
May 15, 2024 12:00 AM - May 28, 2024 11:59 PM (PST)

Will you always love me the same way?
When it comes to marital problems, there are many ways to fix them…

"Is it wrong for a mother to seek fulfillment as a woman, as well?"

  • Not That I Can Say This Out Loud


    10% Point Reward
    "Is it wrong for a mother to seek fulfillment as a woman, as well?" Miki Nagase (39) lives in relative happiness with her husband Toru (41) and daughter Michiru (13). And yet, she carries a deep sense of emptiness within her heart; her relationship with her husband has devolved into that of a roommate, leaving her feeling undesired as a woman and as if she is only defined by her role as a "mom." Unable to hold it in any longer, she confides in her drinking buddy, Sae Ikejiri (45). Her friend understands the struggle of being unable to share her feelings out loud and suggests she try using an escort service. Miki is thunderstruck by the suggestion but is in for an even bigger surprise after a handsome escort suddenly appears...?!
Not That I Can Say This Out Loud

Maybe I can try to be more feminine again and improve my relationship..?!

  • So Women Have an Expiration Date?


    10% Point Reward
    "You're already 30 years old! Women are only appaealing when they're still young!" were the cruel words my husband spoke. Masumi and Shinichiro have been maried for seven years. With their five year old daughter, the three of them make up a happy family... Or so it seemed. The last time Shinichiro and Masumi had sex was three years ago. From wife to mother to 30 years old in the blink of an eye. Will Masumi spend the rest of her life simply aging and losing sex appeal? "... I won't stand for this!" Masumi's ready to polish up her charm and salvage her relationship with her husband... But then this...
So Women Have an Expiration Date?
  • Do You Still Take Me for Better or for Worse?


    10% Point Reward
    Jun (35) and Takeyori Sumisu (39) have been married for 8 years with no children. Since Jun quit her full-time job, she's more or less become a housewife, spending her days quietly. But when she realizes that 5 years have gone by since the couple last had sex, frustration begins to surface. "It's not like we don't get along... I just miss the way things used to be when we had first started going out." With her newfound motivation, she's determined to make a change, and begins job hunting again. However, when spring arrives and her new job begins, new encounters and experiences abound for both Jun and her husband.
  • Love and Lust


    10% Point Reward
    Sawako Saito's been married for five years, with a kid nowhere in sight. Her mother-in-law pressures her about giving her a grandchild, but her husband constantly turns her down in the bedroom. Sure, he has ED, but can't take it anymore. One day, Hasegawa, the hottest guy at her office, invites her for a little fun behind her husband's back. In her confusion, her mind starts to wander and entertain the thought of an affair with Hasegawa. When she gets home, her husband surprises her with a cake. Turns out she had forgotten it was their fifth wedding anniversary. Ashamed for even slightly being tempted by Hasegawa's invitation, Sawako vows to make things work out with her husband. However, her resolve is short-lived as she discovers some shocking photos on her husband's computer. Why are they mixed in with the couple's photo albums? And more importantly, who exactly did Sawako marry...?
  • Falling Back in Love with My Stolen Wife
    10% Point Reward
    My wife smiles and gets all dolled up to see the man she's cheating on me with. I should feel betrayed, but why does seeing my wife like this make me feel like I want her even more...?
  • Your False Embrace


    10% Point Reward
    "I'll crush all things normal to you." Yoshikawa Miyuki, a 34 years old woman, had been happily married for three years when her life took a wrong turn. She found herself in a sexless marriage with the added pressure of having a child. When her husband even resorted to going to the brothel, Miyuki questioned if this was normalcy, and if so, she no longer wanted to adhere to it. She now only yearns for true love. Her worries and suffering had pushed her to the brink of losing her mind. That's when someone, with a certain secret, appeared in front of her, changing everything. This person's sweet temptation shatter Miyuki's perception of "normal." What ensued was a straight, twisted, ugly, beautiful, and impure pure love story.

Campaign Period
May 15, 2024 12:00 AM - May 28, 2024 11:59 PM (PST)

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Those who make a purchase for any of the featured titles during this campaign period will receive points equal to 10% of the amount spent on each purchase.

Regarding Point Allocation
Points will be granted after each purchase and will be valid until the end of July 2024.
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