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A one-night stand leads to a heart-fluttering office love!

So frustrating!!

  • Love Between a Manager and a Corporate Drone is Frustrating


    "Work-style reform sucks"! An office love comedy of two corporate workers with completely opposite working styles. Maru is a corporate drone who lacks the concept of leisure time. After the company's drinking party, Maru wakes up at a love hotel with Teiji, known as the "manager who always clocks out on time". In contrary to his straight-laced nature, Teiji turns out to be sweet, gentle and affectionate in bed...How could she not fall for that! Yet, the next day, he recalls the night with a simple, "we're grown-ups" statement?!
Love Between a Manager and a Corporate Drone is Frustrating

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  • The Lady's Family Whose Kindness Was Repaid With Betrayal Takes Revenge


    Karin's wedding is just around the corner, and while she is enjoying a blissful meal with her family, her fiance Chris and his father suddenly inform her that the engagement is off. Though shaken by their unexpected declaration, Karin asks Chris for the reason, and he reveals that he has fallen for Mary, Karin's best friend. With her honor and dignity tarnished by Chris and his father's thoughtless actions, Karin plummets into despair. However, her brother asserts that they will give them "a taste of their own medicine." The Rhedsum family shall not be trifled with! Dive into a refreshing and elegant fantasy of nobility and revenge!
  • Destined: The Fey Priestess Becomes the Bride of Suzaku
    In the snowy village of Rokka, the members of the Suzaku imperial family are revered as the descendants of Suzaku, the fire deity himself. Marrying the head of the Suzaku considered the greatest of honors.

    Ginka Sakaeda comes from a line of shrine maidens. Her parents had hopes that she would marry into the Suzaku family one day. However, when she came into the world "deformed," they deemed her unworthy as the future Bride of Suzaku, and began treating her with hostility. Her younger sister Akane, however, was born with excellent grace and beauty, earning her the favor of the entire village and securing her position as the top candidate to marry into the Suzaku family. Then, on the eve of the ceremony that would decide Akane's future, Ginka has an unexpected encounter with the Suzaku family head. And the moment their hands touch...the two feel a warm sensation instantly course throughout their bodies!
  • My Frosty Coworker Is Only Sweet to Me


    "My smile is specially reserved for you." Kotori Ogata, self-conscious about her plump figure, is inexplicably adored by Soma, a younger coworker known for his frosty demeanor. The reason likely traces back to a rainy day encounter: Kotori finds Soma shivering at a bus stop and, being a meddlesome caretaker, helps him warm up. Since then, Soma has been incredibly affectionate toward Kotori. He defends her from sarcastic comments from her manager, holds her hand claiming he's cold, and even sweetly tells her, "Everything you do is adorable to me." Step into this romance and experience the cute moments between warm-hearted Kotori and her frosty younger coworker, Soma!

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