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Incubus Collection!

What would you do if you were visited by an incubus…?

  • The Mischievous Incubus
    "Say it. Say you want me to fuck you..." My whole body turned into an erogenous zone, every single touch creates pleasure... He greedily devours my entire body and I can't get away from him...!
The Mischievous Incubus

Hurry and give into temptation

  • My Incubus -Is Love Included in the Contract?-
    Teach me about love, will you, Meg?
    Meguru is... WAS engaged. Her now-ex claims that her performance in bed, or rather the lack thereof, is why he called it off and Meg is struggling to come to terms with this new reality.
    A certain web radio show is her only solace. One night, she dozes off while listening only to be overtaken by a sweet scent... and visited by a charming man in her dreams! Suddenly, the naughty activity she had never enjoyed is the best thing ever.
    A bewildered Meguru awakens to find Rem, an affectionate, dazzling young man before her.
    "I'll teach you everything there is to know about passion, so fall wildly in love with me!"
    What hallucination...! Is what she thought until entering a contract with a real, live incubus!!
My Incubus -Is Love Included in the Contract?-

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  • I'm 30 Years Old and I Can't Get a Boyfriend, so I Summoned an Incubus.


    "You're dripping wet... you're sucking me in so hungrily." Something thick and hot is hitting my deepest spot down there. I can't think straight! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I'd be ravished by an incubus...! On my 30th birthday, my Mom pushed an arranged marriage interview proposal on me. On the spur of the moment, I lied that I have a boyfriend... If she finds out, I'll be forced to go to the arranged date!! Driven into a corner, I resorted to dark magic. But what resulted from it wasn't a boyfriend, but an incubus! "I'll be your man." Kai, the incubus, promised to help me in exchange for sex all day long! Before I could even refuse, he pressed his lips against mine... my hips are tingling just from a kiss... Is this also part of an incubus' powers!? I got so turned on I couldn't believe myself...
  • Incubus! Will You Have Sex With Me? - What Happens When A Couple Who Has Low Self Esteem Loses Their Reasoning?


    "How long can you put up with it?" He kept teasing my wet pussy. His caress is going to make me cum...! I, Emi Koshizaki, a girl with a strong sexual desire, is in love with Iba, who is two years younger than me. One day, I overheard Iba-kun's desire to fall in love properly!? Can't I be his true love? When I confessed my feelings, Iba turned into an incubus!? "Koshizaki, would you like to give it a try?" He kissed me all of a sudden and teased me down there. What's the meaning of this? An incubus who longs for true love and a girl with a strong libido! Their trial love has begun!
  • Did You Enjoy Your Incubus?
    The incubus Landus' job is to meet up with various women each night and obtain their sensual energy. However, one day, he heads to the home of his next target only to discover that it's a middle-aged man with a scraggly beard! While he is clearly taken aback, Landus seemingly has no choice but to obtain this man's energy, so he reluctantly transforms into a woman. While uninterested at first, once he experiences the touch of a man, he...

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