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ShuCream BL Binge-Read Special Round One

Deal lasts from
Apr. 1, 2024 12:00 AM - Apr. 29, 2024 11:59 PM (PST)

Binge-read to your heart's contect with these ShuCream BL titles!
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  • I Will Never Fall in Love with an Egoist


    "No... I can't believe it feels so good."
    Aohara is a playboy with foreign blood and beautiful blue eyes. Life is an everlasting summer, and there's no rest for the horny, especially for a top like him.
    Then a guy called Masaki falls in love with him and pursues him relentlessly. The problem is, Masaki wants to be the top and make Aohara be the bottom. Even though Masaki is a playboy too, he's friendly and soft-spoken, so Aohara is having a hard time trying to fend off his advances.
    But, eventually, it's Aohara that ends up kissing Masaki on a drunken night. Aohara's virgin land gets soaked in pleasure when Masaki seizes the opportunity to give him a passionate deep kiss that makes his whole body shiver...?!
  • Wails of the Bound


    A man that normally would be discriminated against reigns as an elite...
    Takaba is an office worker who finds a job in a first-class company, in search of a new beginning. However, as soon as he joins, he learns the secret of his direct boss Karasuma: he has a predisposition to seduce people and stir up their sexual desire. Karasuma uses his own body as a weapon to move up in the company! Takaba is disgusted to see his boss opening his legs to horny men every night, but now it looks like Karasuma's got Takaba in his sights...?!
    An Alpha who dislikes Omegas & an Omega who seduces Alphas - A bewitching Omegaverse story by genius mangaka Keri Kusabi!
  • Scarlet Secret


    [Chapter 6 includes MangaPlaza limited bonus page.]
    Yamato lost his dear childhood friend Shiki, who was sacrificed during a ritual.
    His unrequited love turns into obsession; he doesn't want to believe that Shiki is dead, and many years later, he finally manages to set foot in the sacred palace forbidden to men in search of him.
    "Shiki really is the reincarnation of goddess Himiko."
    Shiki was kept alive and made to inherit the superhuman power that will make him the king of the country.
    "This time, I'll be by your side to protect you."
    Yamato swears to repress his feelings and follow Shiki as his servant...?
    An unprecedented historical boys love...!
  • Our Love Will Continue on in the Next Life


    Former prince with memory of previous life x former commoner without memory.
    "Do you still love me, now that you are reborn?"
    Hiroto, a college student, has memories of his "previous life".
    He used to be the heir to the throne.
    He was deeply in love with a commoner man.
    Then, that day, their love was ruthlessly torn apart.
    Ever since he regained his memories, when he still was a child, Hiroto has been searching for his beloved Mika in this world.
    He vows that this time, they will find happiness together.
    Fate brings them together once again, but Mika's reincarnation, Ko, has no memory of his previous life...
    A reincarnation BL story drowning in past sins and passion!
  • Sating the Wolf


    [Chapter 6 includes MangaPlaza limited bonus page.]
    "A rabbit is mounting me...?!"
    Busybody rabbit (alpha) x lone tsundere wolf (omega)
    Beastmen x Cross-Breed Love x Omegaverse!
    Noah, a wolf with no family, was banished from his pack - the only place he ever belonged to - due to his omega nature.
    He arrives in a herbivorous beastmen village where he meets Henri, a rabbit who lives alone with his little brothers.
    Henri hides Noah because there is still prejudice against carnivores in his village.
    He is touched by Noah's gentle and caring nature,and gradually begins to envision a future in which they become a family.
    However, Noah's heat awakens Henri's alpha sexual instincts...!
    "Listen, let's be a real family!"
  • Feigning Fox with a Face Full of Flowers


    [Chapter 6 includes MangaPlaza limited bonus page.]
    A sweet spiritual power supply that makes you melt!
    A deeply loving, tolerant top & a haughty, beautiful, love-starved fox spirit.
    At his late grandfather's house, Takeru meets Kazune, a beautiful and haughty fox spirit who suddenly kisses him.
    Takeru has always had strong spiritual power since he was a child, and Kazune - who loves it - tells him it's like Takeru's grandfather's.
    Kazune hates being alone, but pretends to be tough. He's stubborn, but with every kiss, he sweetly melts and begs for another, eventually stealing Takeru's heart.
    The more time Takeru spends with him, the faster his beast-like desire grows, but there's a hurdle that humans and spirits must overcome if they want to live their life together...
    A love story of mutual salvation, in which two lovers soothe each other's loneliness with their endless love!
  • This is But a Hell of a Dream


    [Chapter 6 includes MangaPlaza limited bonus page.]
    An inexperienced middle-aged incubus's intensive sex training!
    Pampering host x Innocent incubus
    Despite being an incubus, Forni is not good at sexual matters, so he passes out in the street because of starvation and gets rescued by host Harumi, who takes him home.
    That night, Forni sneaks into Harumi's dream to have a meal (his semen), but it's his first time and he doesn't know how to do it, so Harumi ends up teaching him instead...!
    "When it feels good, say it, okay?"
    So, to help Forni get used to "sexy things", they start living together - a life full of sweet excitement and first-time feelings...!
  • Too Close for Love


    [Chapter 6 includes MangaPlaza limited bonus page.]
    The ultimate "stepbrother" I can't escape from.
    My father remarried and now I have a younger brother. He is fearless and handsome.
    To be honest, I'm in trouble because he's really my type. I tried to keep my distance so I wouldn't fall for him even more, but Motoya kept coming on to me and asking if I liked him, so I lost control and we became a bit too intimate...
    I'm not sure how long I can endure the fierce attacks of my pushy brother-in-law, who keeps trying to seduce me...?!

Dive right into the title and binge-read away

  • Lullaby of the Dawn


    [Chapter 9 includes MangaPlaza limited bonus page.]
    Super gifted up-and-coming author Ichika Yuno's debut manga!
    "I'll be by your side forever."
    "You're a cruel brat."
    Elva is a warrior priest whose life is eroded every time he fights against monsters coming from the dark sea.
    When he learns this, boy Alto is enraged and vows to stay by his side to look for a way to save him.
    After eight years, Alto has grown into a fearless young man. He still hides in his heart a feeling of love that has slowly grown stronger in the days they spent together...
    Meanwhile, Elva, who seemed to have only a few years left, is showing signs of recovery while spending time with Alto...?
    The long-awaited first volume of the fantasy romance between a loyal, caring young man and a cold warrior who doesn't know how to love.

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