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New Otherworldly Manga UP! First Round

Jam packed with excitement!

An exhilarating fantasy about wielding unparalleled power with the ultimate strategy guide!!!

The Strongest Wizard Making Full Use of the Strategy Guide -No Taking Orders, I'll Slay the Demon King My Own Way-

Isekai! Adventure! Special Powers! Oh My!

Check out these new otherworldly titles from Manga UP!

  • The Good Deeds of Old Adventurer Kane
    Meet Kane: a D-rank adventurer with nothing going for him but his kindness. He's spent the last 20 years getting by with herb-picking requests, but one day, he comes across a super rare item: The Fruit of Revival! Giving it away for not much more than pocket change, little does he know that his life is about to change...
  • The Diary of a Middle-Aged Teacher's Carefree Life in Another World
    A middle aged man reincarnates in another world and becomes the strongest tutor in the world!

    Satoshi Osako (40), who had become addicted to the game and rose to become a top player, had an accident while logging in that put an end to his life.
    In a world full of swords, magic, and monsters, he was reborn with all previous statuses and somehow ends up tutoring a young girl...

    The diary of a wise man who lives in a different world, where his motto is "Peace and tranquility every day."

Jam packed with excitement!

  • LA LA LA
    Salaryman Kirishima Shirou (24 years old) was suddenly laid off. Drinking his sorrows away at a bar one night, he was approached by Ishimura Ai (28 years old), a mysterious and attractive woman who offered him a new job. He signed the contract then and there but discovered the next day that it was actually a marriage certificate and he's now a full-time househusband! Is this the deal of a lifetime, or did he fall into some sort of trap?!
  • Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You
    Meet Sasaki, an overworked, middle-aged office worker. His days are marked only by the passing of more unrewarding corporate drudgery. Smoking helps take the edge off, but other than that, the only bright spot of his day is when he goes to the nearby supermarket and sees Yamada's smiling face. So, one evening after yet another exhausting day, he heads to the supermarket to find he missed Yamada's shift. Dejected, he decides to go find a smoking area but discovers there isn't one to be found. Just as he's about to leave, a girl in a biker jacket named Tayama asks him to join her at a secret smoking area!

    Please note that this work is a fictional portrayal and does not endorse or encourage smoking in any way.
  • Nina is Plotting Daddy's Death
    Reiji Takahashi is a Special Operations Agent. While in the middle of sweeping through a criminal group's warehouse, he finds Nina, a victim of a trafficking ring dealing in child assassins named "Dolls." One thing led to another, and he ends up being assigned with caring for the young assassin (Who, coincidentally, is aiming for his life).

    Can Reiji, a man with absolutely zero experience with children, become a proper father to this tiny assassin and teach her how to lead a normal life? Find out in this heartwarming childcare comedy between a "hard-boiled" operative and his adoptive(?) daughter!

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