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Titles Only on MangaPlaza The Sweet Side of Adult Romance

Tender adult romances you'll adore, only on MangaPlaza ♡

  • Petals of Destiny: Political Marriage with a Handsome Flower Arranger


    This story is about a young girl, Yuri, who was born into a prestigious flower arranging family, the Misono family. In order to pay of the debt her mother left, Yuri is made to marry Tsubaki, her first crush. Yuri, having admired Tsubaki from a far for ten years, is actually bewildered by the decision, To complicate matters, the dignified and beautiful Tsubaki is cold and won't even make eye contact with Yuri. On their wedding night, though, he kisses her sweetly as if deeply in love and ravishes her until she loses consciousness...
Petals of Destiny: Political Marriage with a Handsome Flower Arranger
  • Becoming the Demon Lieutenant General's Stand-In Bride ~Once An Heir is Born, We Must Part~


    In place of her twin sister, Lady Tsukiko ends up in a marriage with Kishi, a young man who rose in the ranks as a lieutenant general. He's also known as the "Demon General" due to his ruthlessness. Since her childhood, Tsukiko has been sickly and deemed as a failure by those around her. After meeting the general only once, she was emotionally supported by his kindness. But now he tells her after she's provided him with an heir, they must get a divorce?!
  • My Mean Boss's Sweet, Intoxicating Love


    A rollercoaster romance following an office worker hopeless in love and a younger company president whose hobby is to both dote and tease! Convinced that being a wallflower is all she needs to be happy, Misaki has resorted to keeping things simple from day to day. But when one thing suddenly leads to another, she spends the night in bed with Atsumori, her company's president. And it doesn't stop there. After their first night of passion, he begins pampering her like crazy and even buys her a new apartment! On the other hand, despite her reservations about love, Misaki finds herself more and more attracted by Atsumori's mind games!
  • Unleashing the Beast Sweetly Training a Cheeky Jockey


    I don't like men, but somehow I'm the goddess of a genius horse jockey? I hate it, I can't do it, but I'm trapped by his strong arms and pure, animal-like eyes. I can't refuse him.... I'm not having a good time at all these days. I've been picked up by a lot of guys, and at work I've been transferred to the editorial department of a horse racing magazine that I don't even know much about.... I'm turning 30 soon, and I have no choice but to tough things out at my job...! It was at that moment when I saw him... Watanuki himself, the genius jockey, running with his heroic movements, burley muscles, and well-defined face... No wonder he's so popular amongst the ladies! Nervously awaiting our interview session he suddenly embraced me with a passionate hug! I was surprised when he said, "I've been thinking about you everyday since the other night". In other words, the genius jockey was actually some guy I turned down the other day...

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