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His sweaty body, flushed face, and dewy eyes draw Yuyu in deeper…

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    Aritoki's scent keeps getting stronger... And, his sweaty body, red face, and deep eyes draw Yuyu in deeper... Yuyu Kusakabe is a college student who wants to go into disexuality studies. After getting approval from her professor, she tries to become the assistant to fellow college student, Aritoki Ujyou, who's always cooped up in his lab, but he keeps turning her away. After repeated tries, Yuyu finally gets into the lab, but that's when Aritoki starts to have a flare-up... Aritoki's a disexual and has been advancing his studies by doing research on himself. Yuyu knows that the fastest way to control his flare-ups is to give him bodily fluids with someone else's DNA in it, so she...!

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  • You Can Touch Me, So Can I Nibble On You?
    On a cold winter day, Toko gets dumped on her first date because of her weight...

    As she staggers through town in shock, she bumps into a man and sprains her ankle.
    Thinking her night couldn't get any worse, she's taken care of and comforted by the hottie who knocked her down?to the point where she starts crying.
    A few days later, Toko decides to get in shape. As it turns out, Aoi, the handsome man from the other night, is a personal trainer. Toko decides to take him up on his offer to help her get in shape!
    Though Aoi doesn't show any emotion, he's kind and great at his job. It also helps that Toko's got a thing for muscle-clad hunks...

    An inexperienced personal trainer with a biting fixation and a chubby woman who loves muscles train and diet together in this charming romance story!!
  • Bee-Sting Babe and the Gorgeous Guy
    Though she's a tomboy with a hangup over her tiny chest, Iori has a crush on Sota Seto, who is the pastry chef at the cafe where she works. Iori was sure that he wasn't interested in her until one day, he suddenly professes his love for her and goes on to kiss her. She sees him unclothed for the first time - and my, he's huge!! She never would have expected the graceful man's lips to be caressing her all over. It's terribly embarrassing, but she discovers that his you-know-what isn't gross at all...
  • Goodbye, Sweet Knight. Hello, Sweet Nights. -Submerged in his Overprotectiveness-
    Yui is a humble, cute, and popular salesperson at a department store jewelry shop. There are countless men who have feelings for her, but there are secret rumours that at closing time a "knight" comes to see her off. Her "knight", an elite trading company employee, conceals his love for Yui for some reason, and watches over her as the closest person in her life. However, after the appearance of a certain male customer, this "knight" becomes her controlling, blindly infatuated boyfriend...? "It may be embarrassing, but I want to see all of you, Yui... Will you stay like this, and be mine, and mine alone?? She melts for her childhood friend turned lover... Why? Even though it's a little scary, why is it she wants it even harder...!?
  • Addicted to Your Touch -Experiencing All My Firsts with You-
    Coworkers Saki and Toru have been friends ever since junior high school. They thought they knew everything there is to know about each other, but it turns out, there's a lot more to discover...! Saki finds herself in the arms of her childhood friend, but he's grown up in more ways than one! She can't believe that her first time is going to be with that guy from her past. The disbelief is dispelled when she feels his soft kisses and an accompanying gentle caress...
  • This Cinderella Just Wants To Be Loved
    Itsumi Shimizu worked hard to change her image from ugly ducking to swan after being bullied in high school.
    After being cheated on by her boyfriend,
    she realizes that losing weight isn't a guarantee for happiness after all.
    Her self-confidence is wavering when she meets Yutaka Masuda, a new hire at her company.
    At first, she only sees him as a nice, albeit slightly annoying coworker,
    but she finds her heart opening to his gentlemanly charm...

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