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Manga UP! Titles Are Here Round Two

Fantasy, romance and drama galore!

  • Living With My Brother's Wife
    Shino Kishibe is a 17-year-old high school student. Her parents died, and then six months ago, so did her older brother, her only remaining blood relative. Now she lives with her brother's wife, Nozomi-san.

    "We might not be blood-related, but we're family."

    The story they write is a bit clumsy but full of something inexplicable. Slowly but surely, they happily grow together through their sensitive everyday life.
Living With My Brother's Wife
  • Beast Tamer
    This fantasy story conveys the bond between a beast tamer and the strongest cat girl starting from their first meeting!

    Rein, a beast tamer who fights with the help of animals, has been a member of the hero's party for the longest time. However, unbeknownst to him, he was dragging down his teammates because he had no other abilities.

    "You have no worth outside of taming animals. You're fired."

    With that, he was kicked out of the party. At that moment, Rein no longer wanted anything to do with saving the world and decided to live for himself. Once he set out to become an adventurer, he met a girl from the cat tribe, a tribe believed to be part of the superior race. Meanwhile, the hero's party was unaware they were only able to fight the Demon King's army all along because of Rein's power...

    This story is about how the oppressed beast tamer met his destined comrades and formed bonds with them all.
  • Birdcage Castle
    Three guys and three girls enter a dilapidated amusement park in the hope of finding their missing friend. The Birdcage Castle is supposed to be abandoned... But now they find themselves locked inside and chained together. They'll have to work together to escape in pairs, or they won't escape at all!
  • Reincarnated as the Daughter of the Legendary Hero and the Queen of Spirits
    "I became the spirit of elements when I reincarnated?!"

    Ellen is a young girl reincarnated from modern-day Japan as a half-spirit. Her father, Rovel, is the legendary hero who saved the kingdom, and her mother, Origin, is the primordial queen and ruler of all spirits. Furthermore, she herself has the overpowered ability to manipulate the elements.

    While looking absolutely adorable, this perfect little girl will fall back on her past life's knowledge and the power of the spirits to protect her precious family!
  • Suicide Notes Laid on the Table
    Everyone in Class 2-D of Kairei Private Middle School receives an e-mail at the beginning of the school year detailing a "class hierarchy." But the number one ranked Tsubaki Himeyama clears away the unrest this causes with her sunny disposition. Normalcy returns to the class... until Himeyama is found to have killed herself on campus. And once her classmates return from her funeral, they find suicide notes addressed to them on their desks! Will these notes expose the darkness class 2-D conceals?!
  • Is It My Fault That I Got Bullied?
    Aizawa was relieved that after twenty years, Suzuki hadn't changed.

    The two met again at their school reunion, and his former bully Suzuki was as spiteful as ever. But little did he know, Aizawa was now a middle school teacher. And his beloved daughter is one of his students...

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