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Japanese-style Fantasy Romances

Japan's top hit titles! Immerse yourself in these MangaPlaza Originals with Japanese-style fantasy!

  • The Fox Lord's Bride ~ Taisho Romance Chronicles ~


    Through music, the Hanamura clan manifested special powers that brought about prosperity to their clan; however, Akari, who didn't exhibit any powers was deemed a "Seed of Misfortune" and scorned by her family. From then on begins her days of bearing callous treatment from her parents and sister. But one day, she finds an invitation to a soiree hosted by one of the oldest and noblest clans in the country. It seems the head of that clan, Mikoto Sazarashi, is searching for a bride. Finding herself unable to resist going, Akari attends the soiree - only to be quickly discovered by her sister. Akari is immediately berated and belittled by her, but...a handsome, young man appears, takes Akari's hand, and declares, "I've finally found you, my beloved bride." Check out this great Cinderella story set in an Eastern setting and filled with romance, turmoil, and mystery!
The Fox Lord's Bride ~ Taisho Romance Chronicles ~
  • How I Married Into the Togo Clan
    Most people in this world are blessed at birth and receive their "Calling" when they come of age. Those who never receive their gift are known as the "Cursed Ones." When Fumi Matsukata turns ten without receiving her Calling, she's about to be abandoned by her family. Instead, however, they decide to keep her around as their servant.

    Fumi's younger brother, Itsuki, on the other hand, is born with a powerful Calling, which he uses to torment Fumi incessantly. One day, the Matsukatas receive a proposal of marriage from the prestigious Togo Clan, a long line of clairvoyants. They assumed that the clan's eldest daughter wished to marry their talented son. So how will they react when they find out that the heir Seiji wishes to come take Fumi for his own?! In a world where those without a divine gift are scorned, a girl who's been taught that she's worthless suddenly becomes the wife of a formidable heir. Now that she's escaped her horrible family's clutches, will she find happiness? Will she find love?
  • A Worthless Shrine Maiden and The Demon God Who Loves Her


    Sayo was born to be the next protector of her village, but her lack of spiritual powers earned her the nickname "worthless shrine maiden." One night, she is attacked by yokai when the demon god Akatsuki, who is worshiped by the village, comes to her rescue. Nanase, her younger sister who became the shrine maiden in her place, hears of this and demands that Sayo be sacrificed as the "Bride of the Demon God." The sacrificial ceremony begins, and Sayo, dressed in the bridal kimono, makes a desperate attempt to escape when in her moment of need, a familiar figure appears...

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