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How I Attended an All-Guy's Mixer
  • I Was Summoned to Be a Saint, but Was Robbed of the Position
    "Will you save us? YES or NO?"
    In standard dating sim style, "Anise" was summoned as a Saint into the world of "Garden of Salvation". However, Hime, another girl who was also summoned alongside her stole the title of "Saint" for herself!
    Without being allowed to use the "healing magic" that she had learned, Anise was exiled to a remote village. If things stick to the script, a general from the neighboring kingdom of Farglow will die before long and Hime will reign supreme as the Saint in the bad ending.
    For Anise, that means death. In order to find her own path for survival, she decides to save the general and rewrite the story, but...
  • Tales of Reincarnation in Maydare: This World's Worst Witch
    In the world of Maydare, where great magicians pull the strings of fate, there lived the "Scarlet Witch." She was condemned as the most wicked of them all. Makia is a descendant of that fabled "worst witch."
    Lately, Makia has been having dreams about a high school girl named Kazuha Oda... who turned out to be the person Makia was in her previous life! However, it so happened that Kazuha was murdered by a mysterious stranger...
  • Strawberry Love
    20-year-old university student, Sara Moritani, rushes back to the countryside to help her grandfather with his farm after he's been injured. There, she meets a veteran strawberry farmer named Minori Sugiura, who is 13 years older than she is. He teaches Sara the ropes of strawberry farming. At first, she was frightened by Minori's intimidating demeanor. But after discovering many surprising sides to him, she could feel love taking roots within her heart. On the other side of the relationship, Minori finds himself attracted to Sara. But due to their age difference, he finds it difficult to express his feelings to her...

    Thus begins a pure and touching love story between these two awkward lovebirds.

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