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Adult Romances for Moonlit Nights

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Soaring in popularity!

  • Show It To Me, Baby!
    Finally a manager at age 35, Asahi Maebashi seems to have it all. People think she's gorgeous, and everyone knows how good she is at her job. Now if only she could have as much confidence in the bedroom... but is it any surprise she has given up on love and marriage after her husband divorced her for her lack of skills in the boudoir? Asahi is determined to be celibate, but now she has a new burning desire... to see a man touch himself while looking at her! As fate would have it, she meets 29-year-old Kouya Kisarazu, a hot, but slightly narcissistic director, through work. He doesn't seem inexperienced with women, but after a traumatic past, he is so insecure in that arena, he has already had enough! He would like a woman to watch him spank his monkey, though!! Realizing this is a win-win situation, the two release their inner freaks and help each other out...
Show It To Me, Baby!

Our top pick!

  • Prone to His Teasing -Driven Wild By My Blind Date's Fingers--Full Color
    Tomoe is a working adult whose relationships always fizzle out. She's 27, her parents are pressuring her to get married, and though she's reluctant, she agrees to go on a trial blind date. However, the man who shows up is her old classmate, Kyosuke, who bullied her all throughout junior high!
    Tomoe can't fathom marrying him, and she decides to get revenge for all the grief he caused her... by making him fall for her and then dumping him spectacularly. However, she finds herself subconsciously attracted to him, because in the time they were apart, his appearance and mannerisms have changed drastically for the better. Worried that she might fall in love with him for real, she reveals her plan... but in his anger, he forcefully brings her to climax.
    What will happen to Tomoe now that her body can't refuse him...!?
    Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!

Cream of the crop must-read titles!

  • Over-Cumming Writer's Block
    "Could you please let me watch you masturbate!?" Romance novelist Rio's struggling to write a young adult erotic novel. From what her agent says, her writing "has no sex appeal"... After some careful deliberation, she begs Mr. Fujishima, a cute banker she just happened to meet, to let her interview him about his sexual encounters. Fujishima doesn't look happy... In fact, he never looks happy, and yet, he can't help indulging her and softening a little at her straightforward authenticity... Rio feels so grrateful to Mr. Fujishima for agreeing to "show" her how to have sex!
  • Pure Love S&M Style -A Man Who Wants Release x A Woman Who wants to Be Restrained


    The hard-working career woman Ema Masono has a secret about her no one knows - that she's a huge masochist with a fetish for being tied up! She has never been able to tell any of her past boyfriends about such an awkward fetish and spends her days seeking release through self bondage... Then one day, her sexual fetish is revealed to her coworker Rei Sawatari in a careless incident!? And though he has such an assuming face, it turns out that in reality he's a vigorously curious person and maybe a hidden sadist...? Ema with her hidden desires, Rei with his need to expose those that are deeper... "I want you to understand that you are now mine." Shlick, shlick as he pounds into her, cumming instantly as she is restrained during sex... Ema feels both her mind and body being satisfied. At home, at the office, outside... will Rei's way of loving her continue to escalate...!?
  • Late-Night Overtime ~All Kinds of Orgasms by Oral Humiliation from my Ravenous Junior~


    "What was that voice just now? Were you turned on by my touch...?" Hina Kuraki, works at an administrative consultant company and is hit on every day by her junior, Shunsuke Kurusu. With a friendly and carefree personality he tells Hina he's in love with her, which she brushes aside as a mere joke. But one day, during his overtime, overcome by impatience, he kisses her saying, "you know how I feel about you, so why are you giving me an opening?" The sloppy sounds resounding in the office late at night... her heart races at the masculinity her usually adorable junior... "So cute...! I love you so much..." Kurusu proclaims his affection hungrily and thoroughly. From his blunt confession, she ends up letting him finger her... will he go all the way with her, in the office...!? "Late Night Overtime", a Queen Lily hit dating game series that'll make your heart skip; the long-awaited first comic installment!
  • Unable to Survive Without Sex With an N.P.C. Demon After Reincarnation


    "You should thank god that I'm your first." If he licks and sucks my clit and inside so much... My magic power will spill out! This demon... He's too good at sex even though he's just an N.P.C. character! Mia, who died from overworking, is reincarnated as the saintess heroine in a "bad-ending-riddled R-18 Otome game". If she doesn't do anything, she will enter the demon brothers' hard sex route and die again... So, Mia decides to use the heroine's vast magical power to raise the youngest of the demon brothers, Caius, as a bodyguard! However, the only way to transfer magic power... is through extremely pleasurable sex! In all kinds of places and positions, the demonic piston doesn't stop no matter how much she cums! Caius, who is trying to overtake his older brothers, devours Mia's body with his bottomless vigor... The game events trigger one after another along with the appearances of the demon brothers. What is the fate of Mia who only wants peace and quiet?

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