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BL? Vampires? Yes, Please!♡

An emotional and twisted tale between a 40-year-old virgin who became a vampire and his super sadistic junior colleague who takes his reins!

  • I Need to Suck Blood Tonight


    Minoru Sayo is an office worker who lives an upright but mundane life. That is, until one day, he turns into a vampire.
    Unable to forgo his scruples, he refuses to feed on humans and attempts to soothe his thirst with cat blood. On one such night when he's out prowling for a feline friend, he runs into his coworker in the same department, Yamadera. After a few drinks at a bar, Yamadera falls asleep at the station leaving his vexing neck exposed and vulnerable. Overcome with annoyance and hunger, Sayo takes a bite and discovers...? Will Sayo find a way to become human again? And what really lies behind Yamadera's sweet mask? Take a read and find out in this emotional and twisted tale between a 40-year-old virgin and his sadistic junior colleague!
I Need to Suck Blood Tonight

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  • I Wanna Bite Into Your Hot Body


    "Huh...!? Your blood is disgusting...!!" Koichi Sakuragi, who broke up with his boyfriend because of certain circumstances, was saved by the gorgeous young man Izumi after he was attacked by a hoodlum on his way home at night. When he tried to tend to Izumi's injuries, his wound was gone...!! Koichi was astonished, and when Izumi revealed to him that he was a vampire, he said "As thanks, I'm gonna have you pay me back with your blood" and started stripping his clothes off...!! The moment Izumi bit into his neck, Koichi felt warm. As he started to get turned on, he couldn't resist him even if he wanted to. On top of that, Izumi started to stroke his you-know-what that was warm from getting hard!? On the other hand, Koichi was interested in Izumi who said audaciously that his blood tasted gross... His blood was disgusting because his heart was unfulfilled. This is a bittersweet love comic about an arrogant vampire who improves the life of a heartbroken and stubborn salary man!
  • Eureka


    Steph, a vampire who dedicates his life atoning for his sins, meets Shukley, a different type of vampire. While traveling with the once-lonely Shukley, Steph drinks his blood and feels his warmth. However, the past events in his hometown still haunt Steph, leaving him with grief and remorse. After running into Shukley's father and learning the truth, Steph's wish finally comes true...
  • Do As Your Slave Tells You
    In an era when vampires and humans coexist, having one's blood sucked by a smart and beautiful night walker is considered a status symbol. Shion's tired of sucking the blood of stuck-up women. One night, he runs into and becomes infatuated with Hajime, an average-looking office worker who smells delicious. Hajime, however, is a glutton for punishment, and wants the arrogant Shion to treat him like a slave in exchange for his blood. Shion reluctantly agrees... He hates it, but the pleasure is too much to resist. Will Hajime end up going to town on his cute new master!? This is a love story between a depraved human and a pushy vampire.

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