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Summer 2023 Trending BL Titles!

Don't miss out on reading these sizzling Summer 2023
trending BL titles that'll make your heart race!

Don't miss out on these trending BL titles!

He's a "daddy," yet he moans out loud, shuddering in ecstasy…

Even a Dad Still Wants It...

"I'm going to help your body relax."

  • Delinquent Omega Belongs to the Beast King!


    "I can't believe I wanna be messed up even more... This can't be my body!!" In an unexpected turn of events, a delinquent named Rintaro is transported to another world. Then, all of a sudden, his body starts burning up inside...!? Rintaro is bewildered when Varuna, a beastman with piercing eyes, appears before him. "I'm going to help your body relax." The hands stroking his burning skin are gentle, but the kiss that entwines their tongues is so tantalizing that there's no way he can resist...!! The Alpha beast king who's in love and the stupid yet straightforward delinquent Omega, the king's adoration doesn't stop! An Omegaverse BL story.about being reborn in a different world.
Delinquent Omega Belongs to the Beast King!

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  • My Boyfriend Is a Big Baby


    Childhood friends Ao and Ritsu attend the same university. Though Ritsu is the older of the two, he operates at 110% stupidity, so it's younger but more put-together Ao who has always been the one looking after his hot mess of a best friend. Today, Ritsu once again comes over to Ao's place unannounced and drinks himself stupid(er), leaving Ritsu to help him into bed. But this time Ritsu, in his drunken fervor, makes a sudden left turn in the conversation and jumpstarts an unexpected development in their relationship...!
  • Sating the Wolf


    [Chapter 6 includes MangaPlaza limited bonus page.]
    "A rabbit is mounting me...?!"
    Busybody rabbit (alpha) x lone tsundere wolf (omega)
    Beastmen x Cross-Breed Love x Omegaverse!
    Noah, a wolf with no family, was banished from his pack - the only place he ever belonged to - due to his omega nature.
    He arrives in a herbivorous beastmen village where he meets Henri, a rabbit who lives alone with his little brothers.
    Henri hides Noah because there is still prejudice against carnivores in his village.
    He is touched by Noah's gentle and caring nature,and gradually begins to envision a future in which they become a family.
    However, Noah's heat awakens Henri's alpha sexual instincts...!
    "Listen, let's be a real family!"
  • I Didn't Ask You to Make Love to Me! The Man I'm Obsessed With is a Male Porn Star


    He's your average office worker yet, watching crossdressing porn while masturbating to the point of dry orgasm has become a daily routine for Natori. One day, after learning that Seo, whom he had run into at a class reunion, works in the porn industry, Natori asks Seo to introduce him to a girl who'll be understanding of him exploring anal. However, the one who steps into the private room is none other than Seo himself!! "Just how much have you jerked off to porn of me?" A mildly sadistic, popular male porn star meets an anally trained, straight salary man. Is this a match made in heaven…!?
  • Hit On by a Kinky Guy
    "Now, let's start the shoot." A sadistic cameraman X a pure Tofu shop boy. He gently prepares him, driving him almost insane... Is his reasoning reaching its limit...!?
  • Liar Mate: Let That Scent Soak Deep Inside


    "I'll sleep with you until you can't take anymore; until you're soaked with my scent..." Akari is an omega despised even by his own family as useless, since he never had his first heat even after becoming an adult. However, one day, the alpha Shinji appears before him and claims he wants Akari to be his mate. Using drugs to force him into heat, Shinji has his way with Akari, now soaking wet, countless times. "Ah! ...Something's... coming!" Though Akari's body was yet immature, Shinji awakens the lust within him...

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