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Bring on the Wrinkles! For Fans of Older, Mature Men

My heart which was frozen in time begins to thaw.

  • Farewells Upon a Blank Page


    "I will never draw comics again... so please forgive me, mother." Megumi is a girl who received a sponsorship award for her manga comic at only 16 years old. However, it caused such a great distress amongst her family that it forced her out of her home. Now. 15 years later, she's living with her partner Tamaki while working as an assistant in various jobs. Out of nowhere, a famous manga artist by the name of Unsui Genda appears, putting into motion something in Megumi's life that has been at a standstill for too long.
Farewells Upon a Blank Page

Ugggh, I like him so much, but I have to stay away.

  • Let Me See Your World


    Komachi Sakanoue, 20 years old. Ten days into a new part-time job and can't follow directions. But, come on, I'm so curious... I just have to know more about that man in the special seat by the window, where the sunlight hits... - The cafe where I work has a long-time regular, a comic book artist who writes a certain popular comic series, and right now I'm pretty obsessed with him. Even the boss getting angry doesn't discourage me from sneaking stealthy peeks as he works. Sure enough, the world flowing from his pen is brimming with love again today. I adore his work, and I adore him, too. I want those listless eyes to be fixed on me. I want to know what he's thinking, and what the world looks like through his eyes. Sir, please, tell me what I have to do to become someone special to you...
Let Me See Your World

I can't stop thinking about that foolish worrywart.

  • My Handsome Housekeeper, Nagisa


    "Will you be taking a bath, dinner, or...?" The man uttering that cliched line was the middle-aged male housekeeper I suddenly ended up hiring! A man in the home of a radiant young (okay, twentysomething) maiden?! And on top of that, he's way older than me! What gives?! The curtain rises on a heartfelt tale of the odd-couple antics between Mei, a woman devoted to her career, and Nagisa, a man overflowing with maternal(?) warmth.
My Handsome Housekeeper, Nagisa

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