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Marriage of Convenience, but Make It Romance

Here are three manga that we love where romance blooms within a marriage of convenience!

  • The Earl Wants Lady Spitfire


    Emilia is the beloved daughter of a renowned Earl. As such, she's expected to be a lady, through and through. But the truth is, Emilia is a tomboy who likes horseback riding and hunting. One day, after slipping out to go hunting, she stumbles into territory belonging to another lord and runs into none other than the young Earl Freed. Freed finds himself attracted to Emilia's lightheartedness and offers her a proposal: a limited-time, contractual marriage. "Why don't you marry me?" Emilia accepts, but what awaits her in marriage is arguments over bloodlines, and a warning over someone's title?!
The Earl Wants Lady Spitfire

MangaPlaza Staff Shares:
A blooming romance surrounded by mystery!

Emilia, who is secretly a tomboy, is seen by others as the beautiful and elegant daughter of a renowned Earl.
And Freed, the young Earl of Klemrath, is looking for a temporary wife for an unknown reason.
They meet by coincidence and agree to a limited-time marriage contract?!

Their married life is rife with strange events...
Will they, too, grow closer as they draw nearer to the truth behind these incidents...?

  • A Cat-astrophic Contract Marriage


    She's not looking for a future husband... She's never even been in love. So how did she end up entering a contract marriage with the greatest catch ever?! Mitsuru, a woman in her thirties whose only interest is cats, and Kugayama, a hot pediatrician fed up with shallow women constantly flirting with him, have decided to get married for mutually beneficial reasons. On their wedding night, to Mitsuru's surprise, Kugayama sneaks into bed and affectionately beckons her to pet him. Imagine her reaction when he springs furry ears and a tail! Mitsuru's "night of passion" with her new husband takes a strange turn. Thus begins a warm and fluffy romantic comedy about a not-so-standard, newly married couple!
A Cat-astrophic Contract Marriage

MangaPlaza Staff Shares:
Kugayama, a handsome pediatrician who lives on an island with more cats than men, is tired of dealing with pushy women hitting on him every single day.
However, by chance, he passes by Mitsuru who's at the hospital and ready to give up her uterus without hesitation?!

Goals aligned, they strike up a marriage of convenience, but... Kugayama suddenly grows cat ears and a tail?! Check out this fur-tastic tale that's sure to leave cat lovers purr-fectly satisfied! ♡

  • Who Needs Love When We've Got Marriage!


    "What is it, Mr. Amakusa? Don't tell me you're planning to make midnight visits to my bed?" Aki Kurumi, 29 years old, meets Shisui Amakusa at a singles' mixer, and what should he unexpectedly propose but a paper marriage...! And once she starts living with Shisui, who is a touch out of sync with her, it kicks off a string of miscommunications and minor catastrophes! Their life as newlyweds (on paper) gets off to a bumpy start, but it's somehow almost cozy... "I didn't realize I would be so happy... to be needed by someone." They each chose this paper marriage for their own convenience, but could they become a real husband and wife? What is "love"? What is "marriage"? This is a bumbling love story that depicts how men and women coexist.
Who Needs Love When We've Got Marriage!

MangaPlaza Staff Shares:
"Why should I be in such a hurry to get married?" is what Aki had thought, but before she knew it, she was already at the doorstep of age 30! After the persistent nagging of her parents, she attends a singles' mixer and meets Shisui, a manga artist who just wants the "married person" status and is looking for someone to enter a "contract marriage" with.

A title that'll have you going, "Who knew a romance that started like that could be so charming!"
The clumsy back-and-forth between these two pure-hearted characters struggling with love will surely warm your heart!


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