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New, immersive storytelling at
the intersection of MUSIC and MANGA

Plus-sized Misadventures in Love!

Exclusive voiced comic

【CV:小原好美Konomi Kohara石川界人Kaito Ishikawa

Love, work, friendship... And an attempted murder case?! Just reading this wacky romantic comedy fills you with good vibes, but now there's a whole new way to enjoy "Plus-Sized Misadventures in Love!" Watch the first chapter come to life in this exclusive motion comic starring beloved voice actors 小原好美(Konomi Kohara) and 石川界人(Kaito Ishikawa), complete with original soundtrack and a special PV at the end! ♪
"This is the punishment for a fat, ugly girl like me falling in love with someone as beautiful as you..." Yumeko had a mountain of complexes about herself. Then, a terrible accident befalls her. Though somehow saved from the brink of death, Yumeko wakes up a completely different person. "This! I'm SO cute!!" Those around her can't hide their surprise and wonderment at this 180°change... But, Yumeko's new hyper-positive attitude starts to change her surroundings, too. Worries and complexes can affect anyone, and Yumeko will chop right through those of her various supporting characters!! In love, work, friendship... And an attempted murder case?! This frenzied romantic comedy will leave you bubbling with energy!

Make It An Eternity

Exclusive voiced comic

【CV:下地紫野Shino Shimoji寺島拓篤Takuma Terashima

Beloved manga "Make It An Eternity" is taking the stage anew in this exclusive motion comic. Popular voice actors such as 下地紫野(Shino Shimoji) and 寺島拓篤(Takuma Terashima) bring the characters to life, and the original soundtrack makes the story even more vivid. Don't miss the special PV at the end!
After losing her parents and being bullied in middle school, Towako retreated into a reclusive life of reading books and writing amateur fiction, with her older brother supporting them both. But one day, a trio of handsome nightclub hosts -- her brother's new coworkers -- suddenly barge into her house, and into her life! Whether it's running into one of them naked, or being on the receiving end of a sudden embrace... Towako's days of quiet solitude may be over for good?!

My Handsome Housekeeper, Nagisa

Exclusive voiced comic

【CV:内山夕実Yuumin Uchiyama三木眞一郎Shin-ichiro Miki

A workaholic career woman falls for her middle-aged male housekeeper in this heartfelt romantic comedy! ♪ "My Handsome Housekeeper, Nagisa" comes to life in this exclusive motion comic & special PV starring beloved voice actors 内山夕実(Yuumin Uchiyama) and 三木眞一郎(Shin-ichiro Miki), and complete with an original soundtrack.
"Will you be taking a bath, dinner, or...?" The man uttering that cliched line was the middle-aged male housekeeper I suddenly ended up hiring! A man in the home of a radiant young (okay, twentysomething) maiden?! And on top of that, he's way older than me! What gives?! The curtain rises on a heartfelt tale of the odd-couple antics between Mei, a woman devoted to her career, and Nagisa, a man overflowing with maternal(?) warmth.

Pardon the Intrusion, I'm Home!-Full Color

So is this what it means to have roommates now?!
Office worker Rinko, 24, lives alone and is secretly an otaku. One day, her apartment gets connected to the two neighboring rooms through a "hole" in the wall.
In the room on the left is a fresh-faced yet mysterious guy who is overly-sweet to Rinko.
The room on the right is occupied by a guy with violent tendences who is similarly mysterious... But wait! "I... I think I know him!"
Rinko's only source of solitude, her apartment, has been turned upside down. Now, every day is full of heart-pounding surprises!

Worth a Billion: Modern-Day Courtesan

Yoshiwara, old Edo's paradise of pleasure, has been reborn in modern-day Tokyo.... In this playground of the powerful, where money rules all, women sell both their bodies and the idea of romance to their male clientele. Thrust into this world is the ingenue Asuka, who's been sold out by her foster parents to pay off their debts. While at first oblivious to the nature of Yoshiwara, she accidentally barges in on a "transaction" between a courtesan and her client. Confronted with her new reality of being bought and sold, she longs to make a break for it... but is there anyone around her she can trust...?!

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