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#Complete BL titles to binge on


♡ Heart-stopping BL titles from start to finish ♡

  • What Makes the Comic Artist's Body Tick


    "I'm the type of person who can't draw what they've never experienced. Kurose, please, won't you show me how it's done...with your body?"Boys' love comic artist Mashiro only wishes to create romantic stories that touch people's hearts. So when his editor Kurose tasks him with drawing a sex scene for the first time, he finds himself in a bind. As unease fills his virgin soul, Mashiro decides to visit a shrine rumored to bring good luck to comic artists. But after he makes his prayer, a being possesses him... Instantly overcome with a surge of sexual desire, he starts coming on to Kurose! Lessons have begun for our talented yet crude editor and innocent BL comic artist-turned-seducer.
What Makes the Comic Artist's Body Tick
  • Our Secretary's Bedroom Affairs


    [Chapter 6 includes MangaPlaza limited bonus page.]
    He left love behind, and using his body was the only way to connect he knew.
    A loving, loyal doggy-like top wants to save a debauched upper-class secretary and teach him how to love.
    Saeko Mikuni, a secretary to the president of a major trading company, is rumored to have more real power than his boss, and to turn into a slut at night.
    One day, on a whim, Mikuni takes on the responsibility of cleaning up the mess made by Teppei Natsume, a hot-blooded big dog-like rookie who has just joined the company.
    He intends to do it with his specialty: sexual entertainment for his bosses or important clients.
    It was supposed to be a secret, but Natsume catches him in the act.
    Mikuni, to avoid any trouble, tries to seduce him, but Natsume senses the sadness in Mikuni's eyes and reaches out to him: "I want to save you"...
Our Secretary's Bedroom Affairs
  • Hatsujo Playroom


    "I can't believe this is getting me excited."
    Even after 10 years, Moriya can't get over his unrequited love for former high school classmate Tsujimura. In spite of that, he has a sexual relationship with his boss, Nanamiya, who knows about his feelings. Tsujimura joins their company, and he and Moriya meet again after so long.
    Nanamiya whispers to Moriya - who is confused by the feelings he should have given up - saying: "If you'd like to confess your feelings to him, I'll lend you a hand." Moriya dismisses it as a joke, but the same night the office suddenly goes out of power and he gets trapped alone with Tsujimura.
    On the monitor, the words: "If you wish to leave, then you must follow the orders given." What was a light touch at first, gradually becomes more and more sexually intense.
    "I can't do this..." Moriya's thoughts can't help him to resist the passion and the pleasure Tsujimura's giving him...
Hatsujo Playroom

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