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Dream Guy Drinks a Love Potion and Goes Wild!

Dream Guy Drinks a Love Potion and Goes Wild!

Reviews : 


5 (6)

Author : 

Banana Nangoku

Story :  "You want to do it with me, don't you?" Maoka, a serious businessman who doesn't express a lot of emotions on his face, finds solace in drinking coffee poured for him by the handsome barista at the coffee shop nearby, Botan. He stops by Botan's shop after work on his way home and is given a "love potion" by a lady he helped on the street. He gives the love potion to Botan on the spur of the moment, and all of a sudden Botan's face is turned into that of a ravenous beast on the prowl for him!? "Does that feel good, Maoka?" Just like that, Botan kissed him deeply, took off his clothes, and was filling him with pleasure deep inside his body...! A love story full of hot guy pheromones.
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Review Spotlight!

Love Potions and Naughtiness
Known for his unique mixture of comedy and eroticism, this Nankoku Banana title is based around Mouka, a salaryman and coffee shop owner, Botan. Having come across a love potion by chance, the two fall into a hot and passionate romance. This title is nothing but steamy entertainment. You won't get enough of the spicyness of Botan and Mouka together!
Beware of the Guy who Poses as Mr. Perfect
With an established reputation for particularly arousing sex scenes, this Nankoku Banana title is sure to deliever a pheromone packed aphrodisiac of a punch. Mouka is not very forthcoming with his emotions, and his only safe space is a coffee shop at which the handsome Botan works at. After having been made to drink a "Love Potion" by Botan, the two enter into hot and steamy sexcapades, complete with a Mouka whose very sensititve to pleasurable sensations. This title is erotic and totally satisfying.
Holy love potion!
The MC is super serious and never lets his feelings show, but he always goes to a coffee shop to relax and drink coffee made by the handsome owner. He impulsively gives him a love potion and starts going after him!! This title has a lot going for it with the shop owner's strong sexual energy and the MC's pure and innocent nature!


Content Rating18+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Mobile Media Research

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date April 7, 2022 (PST)

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