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Five lucky ladies, each ravished at work by...


Her wickedly sadistic boss

  • The Boss Is My Sadistic Sweetheart!


    I, Haruka Shinozuka, am 27 years old and still a virgin (never had a boyfriend, even). One day, the division chief, Okubo, sees me despairing over being turned down after the confession I had to work up the courage to make. And if that weren't bad enough, he steals my first kiss in the name of "shutting up that pathetic wailing"! Division Chief, who do you think you are? Do you think you can get away with anything just because you're handsome...? But his next words really throw me for a loop: "If you're still single when you turn 28, I'll take you." ...What? Was that just... a proposal?! Division Chief, are you serious?! Before I know it, the two of us are at a hotel, and engaged in some serious premarital relations...
The Boss Is My Sadistic Sweetheart!

Her "perfect sadist" of a coworker

  • The Sadist Training Plan Condition - No way... you're going to lick me there?


    "You actually like being watched, don't you?" He roughly pushes my legs open and pulls on the string of my underwear. I'm dripping as he speads me with his tongue and fingers, pushing his way in...! I feel like I'm melting... I can't breathe! ...Because of her severe looks, everyone in the company thinks Akari is a sadist. But the truth is, you'd be shocked by what a masochist she is! One day, she gets a proposition from Yuzuru Yanagi, a coworker from a different department. Without thinking, she blurts out that she'll only date him on the condition that he can become her "idea of a perfect sadist," but... "You want to be forced, don't you?" He pushes his long fingers inside of her with no reservation... and if he pushes in just one more, she won't be able to stop shaking!
The Sadist Training Plan Condition - No way... you're going to lick me there?

Her passionately forceful company president

  • (Un-)Happily Ever After: Political Marriage to a Sadistic Company President


    "Now I'm really looking forward to the wedding night." As the priest tells him to kiss the bride, he sweeps Akari into an intense embrace and slips her the tongue...! Akari was set up in a political marriage with Mitsuhide, a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth as the heir of a large corporation. He fawns over her with a gentlemanly air and aggravating flirtations, yet for some reason their marriage is still completely unconsummated. Fed up, Akari grits her teeth and tries enticing him herself, and then Mitsuhide's demeanor abruptly changes. "Now that I have your consent, I'll help myself to every last inch of you." He gently massages virginal Akari's breasts and persistently drinks in the sweet nectar between her legs. These passionate onslaughts from peerless company president Mitsuhide unfold night after night, and every time he gets Akari absolutely dripping wet. Can her body withstand this kind of lifestyle?! Just where will these two and their married life end up...?!
(Un-)Happily Ever After: Political Marriage to a Sadistic Company President

Her cold and haughty fellow doctor

  • Sadism overflowing from beneath his smock
    "You don't like it? But your body is enjoying it." He rubs my most sensitive, wettest part with his finger as my legs are spread wide open... I cum over and over again, so much I feel like I'm going to faint... Asahi is a doctor in training who reunites at a hospital with Yamato, her classmate from middle school. Yamato used to be nice, and they promised that they'd become doctors, but for some reason he's transformed into an unbelievably cold-hearted heart surgeon... "I'll train you," he says, and starts to teach her medicine know-how, but then adds: "I need to relieve some stress. You can pay me with your body," and starts erotically teasing her... Or so she thinks, until he suddenly gives her a long deep kiss just a like a lover would! What is Yamato planning!?
Sadism overflowing from beneath his smock

Her deviously dominant secretary

The secretary and the Boss's virginity ~ delicate underwear~

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