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Smash Me! Glory Hole Girls: Please Use Me...-Full Color

Smash Me! Glory Hole Girls: Please Use Me...-Full Color

Author : 


Story :  I'm... being banged from behind by a guy who I just met... Main character finds a girl in a park who's stuck inside the hole of a playground and can't move. He feels sorry for her and offers to help, but when he touches her body and sees her overflowing big breasts that are about to pop out of her top, as well as her constrained lower half that can resist anything he does to it, all right in front of him, he loses every sense of decency! Y-... you'll be alright, Miss! I'll give you a big thrust from behind now to get a "release"!
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This title has 2 chapters/volumes.
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Digital Release Date July 11, 2024 (PST)

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