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The Man Behind the Glasses

The Man Behind the Glasses

Reviews : 


5 (2)

Author : 

Sakura Edajima / Voltage

Story :  Aya Zaizen, 31, works at a famous Japanese trading company.
There, she serves as assistant to executive Keiichiro Kijo.
Though Aya's earned the trust of harsh and hard-headed Keiichiro, she's never been in love before and considers quitting to pursue that experience instead.
Keiichiro doesn't agree, and after interrogating Aya, suggests he'll be her lover instead.
The spicy, long-awaited tale of a domineering director and his virginal assistant, now in manga format!
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This title has 10 chapters/volumes.
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Content Rating18+Rating

Page Count 33 Pages

Publisher Voltage

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date April 18, 2024 (PST)

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