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My Ex-Husband Sent Me a Second Chance Love Letter

My Ex-Husband Sent Me a Second Chance Love Letter

Reviews : 


4.9 (153)

Author : 

Yui Madoka

Story :  "Back then, we were young. We merely wandered the planet, not knowing what it meant to love, to be." Wait? Is this one of those "second chance love letters" that everyone's talking about?

Just three months into Sayuki's marriage, tragedy struck. When she comes home early one day, she hears her husband and another woman speaking sweet nothings to each other in their bedroom. Without a moment's hesitation, Sayuki files for divorce and decides to have a fresh start, giving up on love and marriage. A few years pass and a guy at work starts talking her up. But before she has time to worry about him, she begins receiving love poems from her ex-husband! What happened, and why is he suddenly trying to act all romantic?!
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  • StarStarStarStarStar

    Gabrielle Winkle

    May 1, 2024 (PST)

    Love it
    Love the writing style and the next POV I’m sooo ready for the next chapter! Or a whole new series! This has been my favorite comic in a long time.
    Helpful 0 Helpful
  • StarStarStarStarStar

    Simmer Girl

    April 17, 2024 (PST)

    Enjoying it so far!
    Switches to friend's POV at the end of Ch. 8/start of Ch. 9. Hope we still get to see OG couple in future chapters though!
    Helpful 2 Helpful
  • StarStarStarStarStar


    April 17, 2024 (PST)

    Love it
    Finally some good male leads I’m in tears, the drawings are also beautiful 🤩
    I hope we get to see more about the MC’s friend ❤️
    Helpful 1 Helpful


Content Rating16+Rating

Page Count 35 Pages

Publisher Cmoa Comics

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date February 8, 2024 (PST)

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