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Blind Love for Two Million With the Smitten King of Finance

Blind Love for Two Million With the Smitten King of Finance

Author : 


Story :  "I haven't had enough." A big finance tycoon penetrates her deeply again and again, making her come sweetly... with every thrust, her love grows stronger. Even though she can't let him realize how she feels, no matter what... In order to recover her one million inheritance from her mother that an unscrupulous yakuza group has stolen from her, Aoi infiltrated a hostess club. What awaited her when she thought she had successfully gained his trust was a forced purchase of her freedom. That's when Reio Tatsugami, Aoi's regular client and the director of Zeus Finance, shows up before her. Shockingly, he declares he will buy her from the yakuza for two million. He makes a proposal to her. "Have sex with me for 5,000 a month to pay back your debt." Read about the unrequited love on both sides with an ideal man who's a finance tycoon!
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This title has 4 chapters.
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Content Rating18+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Mobile Media Research

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date February 1, 2024 (PST)

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