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I Got a Fake Fiance to Replace the One I Lost. Alright, What's Next?

I Got a Fake Fiance to Replace the One I Lost. Alright, What's Next?

Author : 


Story :  "I would like you to be my fiancee."
Anabelle may seem like a run-of-the-mill daughter of an aristocrat, but in fact, she has an exceptional aptitude for magic. On the day of her father's death, her fiance demands for their engagement to be nullified, accusing her of a crime she didn't commit. As if that weren't enough, he even subjects her to a powerful curse that even her strongest magic cannot undo! Desperate, she has no choice but to embark on a journey in search of a remedy.

Soon after, she runs into the highest-ranked member of the nobility, the duke Lord Maverit. More importantly, he's a man in possession of a Moon Fragment, the key to undoing her curse. Their encounter, however, does not lead where she expects... Before the day's end, Anabelle finds herself (pretending to be) engaged to a man whose circumstances are far more complicated than what she could imagine. What's a lady to do now?!
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This title has 14 chapters.
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Content Rating13+Rating

Page Count 27 Pages

Publisher Frontier Works Inc.

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date December 28, 2023 (PST)

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