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Genre : 

Harlequin Complete

Story :  Cathy is a miserable freckled girl. In addition, she has red hair and is skinny. After her mother dies, she spends most of her time staying at home and helping her father, a doctor, with household chores. It was six months ago that a gorgeous and unusual guest appeared in Cathy's small world. His name is Woolf. He is an exotic doctor with a neat face and is said to be one of the world's best doctors. It disturbs her when he teases her, and she is so upset when he approaches her that Cathy even sticks the knife she has in her hand into his hand. Then he kisses her and say, "You don't seem to like me, so you need to be punished....
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This title has 12 chapters.
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Content Rating16+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Harlequin

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date December 27, 2023 (PST)

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