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My Not-So-Fair Lady is Doomed! (But Not If I Can Help It)

My Not-So-Fair Lady is Doomed! (But Not If I Can Help It)
Story :  I, Vincent, a butler of a count's daughter, suddenly remembered that the world I'm currently living in is part of an Otome game I've played in my past life! On top of that, my beloved lady is the villainess who will end up dying a violent death...?! What the hell! I'll DEFINITELY save my lady from her bad endings!!! A peppy, isekai comedy, where the butler, Vincent "I Love My Lady" Serenade (a love interest), sprints around snapping all of his dear villainess' death flags.
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This title has 12 chapters/volumes.
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Content Rating13+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Manga UP!

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date January 5, 2024 (PST)

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