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The Vessel of a Transparent Love

  • The Vessel of a Transparent Love
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    Miki Donoue has lived an unlucky life, the embodiment of woefulness since he was a child. He's lived in such a way to never involve others in his misfortune. One night, Miki is asked by a mysterious man, "Can I have your woes?" The man turns out to be a creature called "Akashibito," a type of monster that feeds on the woes of humans to extend their lifespan. He asserts that he lacks sustenance, and will die without Miki's woes. Miki, being a good natured boy, gives the akashibito the name "Shiro", and offers to be his host. Now the two of them will live together. Though Shiro can continue to live with a new host, as Miki grows to feel happiness, Shiro loses his sustenance. With the loss, there is a change in Shiro...? Could this mean the end of his life as he knows it...?A BL story between a lonely, woeful human boy and a creature that feeds off their new partner.
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This title has 6 chapters.
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Content Rating18+Rating

Page Count 39 Pages

Publisher SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date July 13, 2023 (PST)

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  • StarStarStarStarStar


    November 5, 2023 (PST)

    Bittersweet and beautiful
    This review contains spoilers. Gorgeous art. Gorgeous story. There's a consistent somberness to the entire story that really evokes strong emotions. Both main characters are beautifully written and well-rounded.  Even though it feels overwhelming and sad overall it does end up with a happy ending!
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  • StarStarStarStarStar


    October 6, 2023 (PST)

    Tear jerking story
    This review contains spoilers. Miki who has an unfortunately life growing up with all the misfortunes encounters "Shiro" who feeds on human's misfortune to extend his life. Miki seeing Shiro's plight and felt that he could offer himself to be his host which lead into an unusual contract. As time goes by Miki started to find happiness in his daily life with Shiro, but it was not a good thing for Shiro as he can't consume happiness.. 
    This placed their contract in existential crisis, as it progresses on the story explores their unique supernatural relationship and how they overcome it.
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