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Hug Me 10 Minutes Every Day

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  • Hug Me 10 Minutes Every Day


    TOP HIT Chapter 16+
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    "How about we become 'hug buddies'?"
    One day on her day off, Chisa coincidentally runs into her boyfriend...holding hands with another woman?! Worse yet, the notorious playboy from her school, Izumi Toudou, also witnesses her crying after the incident. The following day, he keeps pestering her to get her attention, but she ignores his attempts to do so. However, when he moves close to her ear and says, "Should I help you forget about your Ex?" and proposes being "hug buddies," she's unsure how she should react! "You're actually feeling lonely, right?" Chisa tries to act strong, but Toudou's gentle hugs and kindness slowly seeps into her heart. Check out this sweet and heart-throbbing romance that begins through an unusual relationship!

This title has 10 chapters.
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Content Rating16+Rating

Page Count 33 Pages

Publisher Starts Publishing Corporation

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date July 13, 2023 (PST)

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