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It's Time for Sex Education

  • It's Time for Sex Education


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    "I want you to teach me how to make men ejaculate!" As she says that, my old homeroom teacher squeezes my hand... Yohei Nishiyama is a college student who was working part-time at a video booth that's about to go out of business, when a mysterious beauty who looks completely out of place appears before him! Looking at her face when she's trying to rent pretty hard-core porno, Yohei feels like he's seen her face before... And of course, it turns out that she was his old homeroom teacher, Ms. Yuri! She should've gotten married half a year ago. What in the world is she doing here!? Yuri reveals her private life to him... and from that day, the two get stuck in an immoral relationship...!
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This title has 14 chapters.
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Publisher Rush!

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Digital Release Date July 6, 2023 (PST)

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