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You Made Me Do It

  • You Made Me Do It
    NEW R18+
    Favorite Favorite
    Fuyu and Takaya have been together for twelve years and married for three.
    Takaya is the perfect husband, and they have a happy marriage...
    Except for the fact that they never have sex anymore!
    Following the advice of her best friend, Yuzuko, and the handsome bar master, Tomoki, Fuyu tries to seduce her husband.
    But it ends in utter failure, leaving her depressed and confused as to what to do.
    Meanwhile, Takaya is struggling with his rising concern of ED, when he stumbles across a surprising sexual fetish that leaves him wanting more...
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This title has 11 chapters.
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Content RatingR18+Rating

Page Count 33 Pages


Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date May 25, 2023 (PST)

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