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Sugar Sugar Honey

  • Sugar Sugar Honey


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    "I shouldn't get involved with him..." - Despite her heart's warnings, she just can't pull herself away from his sweet seduction. Mizuki, a former marathon runner with a penchant for anything sugary, has now begun working at a hotel. She has zero experience in customer service, and is clumsy and socially challenged to boot. She's been slipping up repeatedly at work, which has only made things awkward with her coworkers. But when she runs into Kaji, the handsome hotel patissier/rumored womanizer, and accidentally vents her work frustration at him, he decides to appoint her as the test taster for his new creations?! Former runner/dessert-lover meets charming pastry chef in this heart-racingly sweet romance!
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This title has 16 chapters.
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Content Rating13+Rating

Page Count 39 Pages

Publisher Solmare Publishing

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date December 29, 2022 (PST)

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Handsome patissier showers protag with sweet affection
The story's real cute, but it's also super relatable to athletes who've had to give up their career. The lead used to be a marathon runner, but now works at a hotel due to an injury. She's clumsy and totally not a people person, but her sincere perseverance makes you really want to root for her. Sure it may seem like another unlikely story about a girl finding romance with a handsome guy, but the depictions of human relationships and the endearing characters are sure to win you over!

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