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Scripted Marriage: Start! - Caught Up in a Love Trap!

  • Scripted Marriage: Start! - Caught Up in a Love Trap!


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    "Hey. Marry me." "...Huh!!?" Famous T.V. star Ren is in the worst trouble he's ever been in after press catch on to a love scandal between him and a male idol. When his family calls an emergency meeting to try and fix things, his childhood family friend and popular actor Mitsuru suddenly proposes to him!? It was supposed to be a non-romantic, "fake marriage" type arrangement that let Mitsuru concentrate on his work, but Ren starts finding this honeymoon life surprisingly enjoyable. The only thing he's worried about is how to deal with his sexual appetite...? When he lets that issue slip by mistake, Mitsuru says "why don't we have our first night together?" and his body starts throbbing and heating up...!? The newlywed love comedy between an obsessive actor and a moronic celebrity who's weak to pleasure!
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This title has 7 chapters.
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Content RatingR18+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Mobile Media Research

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date November 10, 2022 (PST)

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