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And yet I'm the only one ~This man, his way of loving is top class.

And yet I'm the only one ~This man, his way of loving is top class.

Reviews : 


4.8 (4)

Author : 

Sou Masumi

Story :  "It's fine, just shut up and feel." Normally he acts superior but... His voice has become sweeter, like being devoured in a passionate kiss, like the tenderness of touching something fragile; everything is... Sexual and unfair. A patterner named Akira takes a swing at the company president, with a sense of justice for her junior employees. She is fired and also expelled from the company dormitory as well. Then, her friend from her college days, Nachi, appears in front of her. Akira had distanced herself from him for a reason, but he chased after her, "Why are you running from me?" "The body is truthful. Cum as much as you'd like." Stirring up her inside with those long fingers... Don't want to feel it but damnit, gonna cum...! Are you trying to get back at me by touching me like this? Or could it be... Falling too deeply into obsession making living together dangerous!!
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This title has 19 chapters.
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  • StarStarStarStarStar


    November 26, 2023 (PST)

    My thoughts after 1 chapter
    This review contains spoilers. The plot is there, the relationship between them goes back but not childhood friends but college mates. The guy gives of kinda obsessive vibes but who doesn't love that at times. I am looking forward to reading more
    But have a feeling that the snusnu will not be that good so 4 stars for now
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  • StarStarStarStarStar


    October 26, 2023 (PST)

    So cute
    This story is really well-drawn and written. The characters are interesting and beautiful. The theme of the story is also really nice
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Review Spotlight!

This Pushy, Arrogant Ideal Bachelor Is Her Former Classmate?
The heroine is in the biggest bind of her life?! She's fired from her job and kicked out of the company dorms. While at a loss as to what to do next, her "partner" from when she was attending fashion school appears and helps her out...but to her chagrin, he's become quite the successful man. This and that happens, and they begin working & living together. She then starts to fall deeply and madly in love with the male lead, a skilled worker and a good cook, who passionately pursues her...! He's arrogant, but he's a fine man like no other, and she's too shy to express her feelings... Ahhhh, their dynamic is so cute! I can't take it!!♡
A Genius, He Is!
The male lead's an overconfident genius, but...he's extremely affectionate?! The way he speaks to the female lead in a sugary voice unlike his usual self and touches her tenderly as if she's made of glass...! Someone call the doctor; there's a traffic jam in my heart! ;) I hope you enjoy this super sexy romance between a designer and a patterner just as much as I did.♥


Content Rating18+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Mobile Media Research

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date June 9, 2022 (PST)

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