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Stay With Me Even if it Was a Dream

Stay With Me Even if it Was a Dream

Reviews : 


5 (5)

Author : 

Ruka Kirato

Story :  "Don't hide... I want to see everything. Let's do it all at our own pace." The anxiety I've been feeling melts away under Mira's gentle caresses. It's been two years since that unforgettable night. Yukino faces her most nerve-wracking meeting since she went from cosmetic sales to P.R. On top of that, it's her first time working with the super-popular band, Planet. And one of the members is Mira, with whom she once spent a night of pleasure. Working while doing whatever she can to hide her feelings, she receives a secret message from Mira: "Listen, let's kiss 100 times before I go back." "Your expression today is the most aroused I've ever seen." The story of what's beyond an unforgettable one-night stand...
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    July 4, 2024 (PST)

    You need to read between the sheets before hand
    I really love the second set of stories but I wish I knew it was a follow up to another manga. But it was definitely amazing to have those stories tied together and have happy endings that each couple deserve.
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    November 19, 2023 (PST)

    So glad the stories were continued ..
    Thank you so much for this continuation!  I was wondering what happened to our couples and here you are with an answer. The manga is beautifully drawn as always with true to life characters and relationships. The stories are very well written and the sex scenes are very steamy and but not over the top. I just wish you also gave us a continuation of First Night and Melt Night from your previous book. Would really love to know what happened to our couples.  Crossing my fingers for a continuation in the 3rd book. Awesome job as always and keep up the great work. Also, as always, thank you for your hard work and may your creativity keep flowing. Awaiting your future works.
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Review Spotlight!

A TL Even Women Can Get Behind
I saw the cover and thought the art style was beautiful, and so I started reading it! I later found out that it is a sequel to "Like a Dream Between the Waves of Bedsheets", so you may enjoy it even more if you read that first. The story begins when the main character, who changed her job from a beauty therapist to a publicist, is reunited with a male idol with whom she once spent the night after a work meeting. It turns out he's now famous. She spends the night feeling sad that maybe he's too famous and that it was all just for pleasure before, but it turns out he remembers her! He even promises to meet with her again, which makes for a really heartwarming scene. The look on his face when the two of them meet again was just wonderful! This is nothing but a slam dunk of a romance! I'm looking forward to the rest of the story even more.


Content Rating18+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Mobile Media Research

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date March 10, 2022 (PST)

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