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Key Ring Lock

Key Ring Lock

Author : 


Story :  Permanent part-timer, Yui, discovers a worn-out man fallen on the street. Unable to leave the strangely charming Toshiki alone, Yui helps him back home and then accepts Toshiki while being manipulated by him. However, when Yui gets up in the morning, he finds himself locked in and unable to leave. "Confinement is my hobby," says a smiling Toshiki. Is this confinement, or is it ... Their sensitive love flickers in the space between the normal and abnormal!
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This title has 8 chapters/volumes.
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A Heartfelt Love Confined
A gentle BDSM love storry. This story, with its beautiful drawings, depicts the unique relationship between a part-time worker and a bizzare novelist who happens to be into bondage as a hobby. Though there aren't sex scenes, the chemistry between the two characters is quite steamy, so much so to be emotional. The lack of sex scenes almost adds to the sexiness of this title, which is quite a delicate and warming depiction of two people in a relationship.


Content Rating13+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Kodansha USA Publishing

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date February 28, 2022 (PST)

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