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Author : 

Yuki Suetsugu

Story :  Chihaya is a girl in the sixth grade, still not old enough to even know the meaning of the word zeal. But one day, she meets Arata, a transfer student from rural Fukui prefecture. Though docile and quiet, he has an unexpected skill: his ability to play competitive karuta, a traditional Japanese card game. Chihaya is struck by his obsession with the game, along with his ability to pick out the right card and swipe it away before any of his opponents. However, Arata is transfixed by her as well, all because of her unbelievable natural talent for the game. Don't miss the first volume in this story of adolescent lives and emotions playing out in the most dramatic of ways.


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The Complete World of Competitive Karuta
The story is a Shojo that focuses on competitive karuta, and starts with the MC looking back on how they got into Karuta in elementary school. She meets someone who transferred to her school, which sparks a change in her feelings. "What is a dream?" This title was also featured on Japanese TV. It also contributed to a great increase in competitive karuta players in Japan. If you're into Shojo and sports manga, this is the perfect mix and a great read!


Content Rating16+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Kodansha USA Publishing

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date

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