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Chihiro-kun Only Has Eyes for Me

Chihiro-kun Only Has Eyes for Me

Author : 

Sato Ito

Genre : 

Romance School Life

Story :  It's not every day that a guy tells you you're his muse and to strip down while you're just minding your own business! But that's just what happened to Michi-she caught the eye of Chihiro-kun, a fellow student and aspiring fashion designer. He's inspired by her, and wnats to use her as his model...but can Michi stand the attentions of such a devoted artiste?!


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A Love Story Like This One is Pretty Sudden!
Good times with good-natured friends. The MC is a high school girl who leads an ordinary but fulfilling school life. A high school boy she happens to see in a fight suddenly says to her that he's been looking for a girl like her for a long time, and that he wants her to take off her clothes! This kind of confession is so sudden and pretty emotionless. She manages to get away from him, but then she runs into him again at school. Of course the two of them go to the same school! However, she learns of his dream of becoming a designer and, inspired by his now sincere feelings, she's gradually drawn to him... a school love story that will have you frustrated and then overjoyed!


Content Rating16+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Kodansha USA Publishing

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date

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