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The Monster's Sweet Fangs

  • The Monster's Sweet Fangs


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    Noa Kiritani, secretary to the president of a major corporation, finds every day working under her gentle and kind boss fulfilling. One day, however, the company president collapses from a sudden but mild stroke. As a result, he steps down as president and assumes the role of company chairman. In his stead, Wataru, his son, takes on the position as company president. Much to Noa's dismay, Wataru is the complete opposite of his father -- he is hardheaded, pompous... a complete monster! On top of that, Wataru pummels Noa with unreasonable request after unreasonable request... can Noa, now secretary to both the company president and the chairman, catch a break?!

Page Count 38 Pages

Publisher Futabasha Publishers LTD.

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date February 28, 2022(PST)

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