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Wild Wolf

Reviews : 


4.5 (2)

Author : 

Koyori Kyobashi

Story :  "I can't hold back anymore," he said, pinning me to the door as he kissed me and started to touch me passionately. My younger coworker is so sweet and caring, but he has an unexpected, wolf-like side to him!
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This title has 35 chapters/volumes.
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Review Spotlight!

An Adult Romance Between a Beautiful Superior and Her Handsome Subordinate
For some reason Rena Fushimi is naked in bed with her very good looking younger subordinate, Aoi Shiiki. Rina has no idea what's going on, but Shiiki is straightforward in confessing his love to her. This is how the story begins, but from the start the two give off a suitable vibe as partners, making the story comfortable and fun to read. Koyori Kyobashi illustrates very beautifully and the erotic scenes are really enjoyable. I personally like business settings in these kinds of readings, so I was hooked on the boss and subordinate storyline. Shiiki is a straight shooter and approacher his boss, Rena, in that manner. Rena in turn is a well-putogether and responsible boss, making the distance between the two satisfyingly frustrating! This installment ends at a good place and makes me excited for seeing the erotic scenes in the next installment.
An Adult Romance Between a Beautiful Superior and Her Handsome Subordinate
I really like how the subordinate is straightforward and assertive, while the female lead who exudes this aura of a "capable boss" is the passive one in their relationship. The distance between them that doesn't quite shrink as predicted also makes the story really interesting!


Content Rating18+Rating

Page Count

Publisher Mobile Media Research

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date February 28, 2022 (PST)

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