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Some Things Just Can't Be Said

  • Some Things Just Can't Be Said


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    "You’re stronger than you look, Tsubaki... But you left yourself wide open," he said, as he pinned me down... Just what is he?! - Our protagonist, Tsugumi Tsubaki, wants a romance straight out of a girls’ comic. Her heart is set on her upperclassman and fellow literature club member Yamato Tamai, but just when she is about to ask him out, she overhears him say, "If I’m going to date, I’d rather be the one to ask." So, she decides to make him fall for her instead! To do that, she plans to hide the martial arts skills she’s gained in her family’s dojo, but then a mysterious group of punks sneaks up on Tamai... When Tsugumi steps up to protect him, what will become of her hopes for love...?!

Page Count 36 Pages

Publisher IMA

Color or Monochrome monochrome


Digital Release Date February 28, 2022(PST)

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